10 Reasons Why Being an Alcoholic Will Kill Your Game

There are many couples who met during college at this party or that bar, married within a few years of dating, and have since had a beautiful relationship with a couple kids as proof of the pudding. Alcohol might relax individuals with social anxiety and make even the shyest guys less inhibited, alcohol can also be what holds a person back.

When a person becomes addicted to alcohol, he or she is essentially no longer able to make objective, informed decisions and care for himself or herself. This becomes particularly difficult when the alcoholic is also single and wanting to continue going out to mingle with the opposite sex as the individual’s alcoholism will inevitably stop any prospective relationships from coming to fruition. As such, here are 10 ways that being an alcoholic can ruin one’s “game.”

1: The Rank Smell of Alcoholism

There are a number of products available that are designed for the express purpose of making us smell either cleaner, fresher, or perhaps more attractive. In most cases, achieving the desired effect takes very little of these sprays, wipes, powders, and so on. However, there are still those select few odors that not even Febreze or Axe Body Spray can conquer: Alcoholism. It’s a combination of smells consisting of stale alcohol, cigarettes, perhaps vomit and unbrushed teeth. Worst of all, alcohol can even be secreted from one’s pores, resulting in something of a vinegar smell all over one’s body. In short, one whiff of an alcoholic will be off-putting even to those whose olfactory organs aren’t the strongest of their senses.

2: Skewed Perception of What’s “Presentable”

When a person spends the majority of his or her time intoxicated from excessive alcohol consumption, he or she consequently makes a lot of poor decisions. Being intoxicated results in skewed judgments, making intolerable things seem tolerable or making things one would normally never do seem appealing. In such a state, even getting oneself ready for a date could be a disaster as one’s date may not get that wearing parachute pants was meant as a joke or that wearing one’s house shoes was meant to be ironic.

3: The State of the Home

It’s common knowledge that alcoholics aren’t the most tidy beings. The fact of the matter is that they spend much of their time in very poor shape and it’s almost impossible to even comprehend the state of one’s home environment, let alone actually clean it. Therefore, an alcoholic who brings a potential sexual partner into his or her home to see it looking — and smelling — atrocious, it’s unlikely that the individual would be getting another date.

4: Forgetfulness

Was I supposed to pick her up at seven? Or did she say 11? Memory doesn’t tend to be a strength of the alcoholic brain. This can range from absent-mindedness to full-blown black-out and has been a topic addressed in many different studies. Unfortunately, this can quickly ruin any chances one might have of a continuing relationship, especially when at a loss even for the person’s name.

5: Sexual Performance Takes a Big Hit

It’s been called by many names — whiskey dick, brewer’s droop, etc. — but they all equate to the same thing: Men who drink to excess frequently find themselves unable to perform when it comes to sexual situations. This has also been found in women, making them unable to achieve orgasm. Worst of all, evidence suggests that after a prolonged period of alcoholism, this alcohol-fueled sexual dysfunction can become full-blown impotence.

6: Being Uninhibited & Promiscuous Means STDs

Of the many problems that being uninhibited can cause, the possibility of contracting a sexually-transmitted disease (STD) is probably one of the worst. The fact of the matter is that being uninhibited can easily lead to promiscuity and without the dedicated use of protection, one can easily find him or herself suffering from more diseases than just alcoholism.

7: Being Uninhibited Means Embarrassing Yourself

In addition to the sexual implications of nearly-nonexistent inhibitions, alcoholics are prone to embarrassing themselves really, really badly. Simply take an alcoholic to any bar’s karaoke night for a prime example. Couple with poor judgement, a lack of inhibitions can lead to an alcoholic trying to impress others to nauseating excess, which backfires all too frequently and probably causing one’s companions some serious secondhand embarrassment.

8: Alcoholism Dulls Romanticism & Emotions

Drunk people are very seldom romantic. In fact, being intoxicated on alcohol more frequently and readily leads to lewdness rather than romanticism. On top of the lewdness, alcoholics are typically also emotionally unavailable as a side effect of their ongoing intoxication. Nobody wants to be in a relationship or pursue a relationship with someone who they feel is emotionally vacant and can’t reciprocate feelings.

9: Numerous Health Effects of Alcoholism

Alcoholism comes with a wide variety of health effects. In the brain, individuals lose their cognitive capacity, making their moods and behaviors much more erratic. Physically, there’s a major toll taken on one’s liver, heart, and immune system. Alcoholics get sick much more often than those without drinking problems. Moreover, those suffering from alcoholism are also prone to a variety of different types of cancer. In short, none of these various health effects are appealing, especially if they’re already becoming problematic.

10: No “Prospects”

While a person can be a real catch without being rich and living in a huge house while having a very prestigious career, such individuals usually have other things to fall back on. In particular, they have their personalities, their wits, senses of humor, knowledge, ability to be conversational and engaging, and so on. However, those with severe drinking problems are uninhibited, frequently lewd and obnoxious, have declining physical health, have allowed themselves and their homes to fall into major disrepair, and oftentimes have drank themselves into poverty. Additionally, many alcoholics will eventually drive drunk and get charged for driving under the influence (DUI); if they get more than one, they run the risk of losing their licenses permanently. In short, alcoholics simply don’t really have much to offer.

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