The 12 Best Rehab Centers in Florida

Addiction is a tough disease to overcome alone, which is why many people turn to rehabilitation facilities for help with their recovery process. Finding the right drug or alcohol rehabilitation center is vital in maintaining lasting sobriety, but sometimes it’s hard to know which one might be a good fit as there is an overwhelming number of choices and programs to choose from.

Here, we narrow it down to the top 12 rehabs in Florida; a range that includes everything from inpatient treatment facilities with waterfront views to intensive outpatient programs to medically supervised detoxification centers.


1The Recovery Team

Location: North Palm Beach

Based in North Palm Beach, the Recovery Team center offers intensive and comprehensive treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction. Their outpatient substance abuse programs include a wide variety of addiction therapies such as 12-step meetings, individual and group counseling sessions, psychiatric and physical evaluations, pain management, and art therapy.

A cornerstone of The Recovery Team is their strong family involvement as they understand the entire family is affected by a loved one’s addiction. Their Family Programs help teach constructive methods of communication, set appropriate boundaries, and offer several methods of self-care in a safe, non-judgmental environment.


2Hazelden Betty Ford

Location: Naples

As one of the five renowned Hazelden Betty Ford clinics around the country, the Naples branch of the rehabilitation program that has been running for over 65 years offers inpatient and outpatient care, medical detoxification, and structured sober living facilities for adults grappling with drug and alcohol addiction.

It’s located less than a mile from beautiful Gulf Coast beaches in Naples and has a special program for people over the age of 50 and partial hospitalization program that allows those in the program who want to arrive in the morning and go back home at night the option to do so. According to their website, 80 percent of Hazelden Betty Ford patients remain sober or drastically reduce their use within the first year of treatment.


3 – The Palm Beach Institute

Location: West Palm Beach

This private addiction treatment, the first center of its kind to open in South Florida, caters to men and women of all ages dealing with substance abuse. The Palm Beach Institute is one of the leading rehabs in Florida in medically supervised detoxes, helping patients recover from long-term drug abuse in a safe, monitored environment.

Their rehabilitation program is based in the 12-steps philosophy and in evidence-based methods of treatment. Aside from inpatient rehab facilities, The Palm Beach Institute also offers transitional living arrangement to people in recovery who are not yet ready to go back to their normal lives and aftercare programs that help develop coping skills to sustain a sober life.


4Atlantic Recovery Center

Location: Davie

The Atlantic Recovery Center, located in Davie, FL, aims to help patients find the root causes and life events that led to their substance abuse and provide the skills and tools needed to live a happy, sober life.

The Atlantic Recovery Center offers two types of treatment for alcohol and drug addiction: partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment.

The partial hospitalization program runs from Monday to Saturday, and methods of treatment include individual counseling, plus group activities that include art and music therapy, conflict resolution, and communication skills building. The intensive outpatient program meets five mornings a week for two to three hours and is a suitable option for patients who have strong support at home throughout the course of their treatment.


5 – Ocean Breeze Recovery

Location: Pompano Beach

Ocean Breeze Recovery is a dual-diagnosis program that focuses on treating the individual suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, not just the disease. The rehab center offers a variety of different therapies including individual counseling, group and family therapy, 12-step fellowship groups, spiritual counseling, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Their facilities include a fitness center, a wellness area for meditation and relaxation, and an on board dietitian.

Ocean Breeze Recovery offers the four stages of addiction treatment: residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient.


6Solutions Recovery Center

Location: Delray Beach

The Solutions Recovery Center is a rehab facility exclusively for men seeking treatment for substance abuse. As one of the top rated rehabs in the country, the Solutions Recovery Center offers several programs including residential, community housing, intensive outpatient, and outpatient treatments.

The small program—only 24 beds are available overall—runs seven days a week and is highly personalized to each individual. Aside from 12-step treatment programs, the Solutions Recovery Center also offers faith-based therapies and confidence-based solutions to addiction.

Solutions also has their signature Break Free Plan that helps patients stay sober and ease back into their daily activities the week after ending their treatment. A coach accompanies patients back to their home for the first seven days, offering support to both family and patient and helping teach strategies to better manage relationships post-treatment.


7 Beachway Therapy Center

Location: Boynton Beach

Ranked as one of the best private rehab centers in the country, Beachway Therapy Center in Boynton Beach offers a comprehensive approach to addiction rehabilitation. Through their customized long-term treatment plans, which include detoxification, partial hospitalization, and outpatient services, patients recover from their substance abuse in a safe, residential-like environment.

Beachway Therapy Center’s therapeutic methods include dialectical behavior therapy, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), cognitive behavior therapy, holistic therapy, and group and family counseling. Beachway also offers nutritional guidelines, yoga, acupuncture, music, and art programs to help patients heal their bodies and minds. Their facilities are gender specific, located steps from Boynton Beach, and offer equine therapy and spa services, as well. Patients choosing partial hospitalization enjoy private rooms with modern amenities.


812 Keys Rehab

Location: Jensen Beach

The 12 Keys Rehab center focuses on holistic methods of healing and recovery from substance abuse. It’s a small, private facility on a 10-acre waterfront property with a low client-to-counselor ratio that is open to both men and women.

They offer 30-, 60-, and 90-day programs that address addiction, mental and behavioral health, and social problems. The center has private and semiprivate rooms, and even cottages for those who patients who require an extra level of privacy.

A number of staff at 12 Keys are recovering addicts who have overcome the battle against addiction and have been trained to help others do so as well. Through their holistic approach combined with a 12 step group recovery method, 12 Keys Rehab aims to heal the mind, body, and spirit of a patient grappling with substance abuse. 12 Keys also offers some downtime activities including kayaking, fishing expeditions, horseback riding, surfing, and outdoor sports.


9Twelve Oaks Recovery Center

Location: Navarre

A high-end treatment center located on the Emerald Coast of Florida, Twelve Oaks Recovery Center provides comprehensive care to men and women battling substance abuse. They specialize in dual diagnoses, meaning patients struggling with drug addiction and mental disorders at the same time.

They offer many levels of treatment including medically monitored detoxification, residential rehab, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, and three specialized programs: Aspire, Resilience, and Proclaim.

Aspire is targeted towards individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder; Resilience is catered for those battling chronic pain; while Proclaim is tailored to Christian patients who want to integrate their religion and faith into their treatment process. Electronic items such as laptops, cellphones, and e-readers are not allowed at the center.


10Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

Location: North Palm Beach

Behavior Health of the Palm Beaches is a large rehabilitation center in South Florida that offers treatment for drug and alcohol addiction using evidence-based therapies. Treating over 200 patients at a time, this state of the art rehab specializes in co-occurring disorders and helps patients develop the trust in themselves to work on the issues that feed their addiction.

They offer medically-supervised detoxes, intervention programs, faith-based therapy, and specialized programs for young adults, executives, and those fighting opioid abuse. The Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches also has a number of holistic approaches to addiction treatment, including meditation, qigong, and tai chi therapy.


11Hanley Center at Origins

Location: West Palm Beach

Part of the Origins Behavioral HealthCare family, Hanley Center is a medium sized rehab center that offers age and gender specific treatment for people suffering with drug and alcohol addiction.

With 35 years of addiction recovery experience behind them, the Hanley Center at Origins helps patients achieve and maintain sobriety through clinical and  holistic approaches for both residential and outpatient clients.

Hanley Center offers families a Multi-Day Family Program, which helps them understand a loved one’s substance abuse and prepare them for the long road ahead to recovery. The center also has a number of specialized services including chronic pain management, experiential therapy, and hormonal assessments. The tropical facilities include a jogging path, exercise pool, fully-equipped gym, and an outdoor basketball court.


12Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Location: Delray Beach

As a nationally recognized drug and alcohol rehab center, Transformations helps patients overcome their addictions by offering individually tailored methods of treatment in their partial hospitalization program.

Their holistic and therapeutic approach to addiction recovery includes 12-step meetings, faith-based therapy, group therapy, and after treatment is over, weekly alumni meetings to help sustain sobriety. Their condo-like facilities are located in Delray Beach and are gender and age specific. There are 36 apartments, all with private bedrooms and bathrooms, phones, and an accessible computer lab and a three-story villa in which 12 people engage in a family-style environment where bi-weekly community dinners take place. Programs at Transformations last from 30 to 90 days, depending on the patient’s needs.

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