marijuana addiction

Addiction to Marijuana

There can be a lot of confusion and misinformation about marijuana. In recent times, it has been decriminalized, legalized or used for medicinal purposes. As less people view marijuana in a negative light, more people are using it recreationally. At the same time, it’s casually dismissed as being “not even a drug.” Oftentimes users justify smoking marijuana because it is natural and a plant, rather than a pill. Even “hard” drug addicts regard it this way; they laugh about marijuana addiction as if it were a joke. Perhaps they don’t believe it to be as serious as heroin, meth or cocaine.

Nevertheless, it is clear that marijuana can be addictive. It does not help to compare it to any other drug because addiction is always a struggle, regardless of what the substance is. Furthermore, marijuana’s legal or illegal status matters just as little. Alcohol is completely legal, yet alcoholism is a very real and terrifying problem.

Marijuana addicts experience a psychological dependency to the drug. When users use marijuana, it triggers certain “reward” receptors in the brain, which give the user a sense of calm and euphoria. Because it generally feels good, those with an addictive personality are prone to abuse marijuana as they would any other drug. People with mental conditions such as depression or anxiety are also at risk. It is common for them to feel that marijuana alleviates their mental or mood problems. So, they will attempt to “self-medicate,” essentially playing the role of their own doctor. This kind of behavior is typical of addicts, and should be a red flag for anyone concerned with addiction and substance abuse.

Many people worldwide have serious problems with marijuana. They feel powerless over their use and cannot moderate or abstain from it if they try to. Some steal in order to pay for their habit. Marijuana is actually the cause of many admissions into treatment centers. Every year, over 300,000 people cite marijuana as the primary reason for seeking drug addiction treatment.

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