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Providing Addiction Treatment in Delaware

Addiction treatment in Delaware can be hard to find, which is a huge obstacle to overcome when there is nowhere else left to go for a person. The prospect of going from active addiction to recovery is intimidating to most addicts. Many of they see recovery as essentially embracing withdrawal symptoms, which they want to avoid at any and all costs.

However, most people are unaware that overcoming addiction in an addiction treatment center means receiving treatments that mitigate much of the withdrawal symptoms that would accompany the abrupt cessation of alcohol or drugs.

Making Addiction Treatment Available Where Needed

Over the course of the past several decades, there has been an ongoing increase in the rate of addiction in communities large and small. While there’s been major advancements in areas related to addiction treatment, being able to curb the ever-growing rates of addiction requires that these various resources are available to the people who need them.

This lack of availability is typically most problematic in smaller places with a relatively low population.

By land and by population, the state of Delaware is one of the smallest in the US. In fact, only Rhode Island and Hawaii are smaller than the state of Delaware. As such, finding treatment for alcohol and drug addiction in Delaware has proven to be a rather difficult task. According to Delaware Online, all the state of Delaware has to offer is a mere 30 outpatient addiction treatment programs.

In terms of inpatient treatment, Delaware is home to only two inpatient programs and a single detox center. Again, that’s only two inpatient treatment facilities and a single detox center in the entire state. However, throughout 2013 it’s reported that there were 7,590 admissions into the state-funded treatment facilities that are located throughout the Delaware; moreover, this figure represents the second-highest increase in the number of addiction treatment admission in just the past five years.

Addiction Treatment in Delaware

Looking at the figures, it’s clear that there’s a huge demand for addiction treatment in the state of Delaware, and the growth trends for alcohol and drug addiction indicate that this can only continue to grow. The problem is that there’s clearly not enough treatment options available in Delaware to meet the demand that clearly exists.

However, given the disparity between supply and demand for drug rehabs in Delaware, there are a number of initiatives in the works that will help to fill the gap. For instance, Governor Jack Markell had announced plans for a drug and alcohol detox center that was to be funded by the state of Delaware, house sixteen patient beds, and which opened in March 2015.

Additionally, the Delaware Health Department has requested an additional $4 million in their annual healthcare budget, which would be used as part of expansion efforts for both treatment and prevention. There was also the launch of a website that was designed to provide both education and resources for finding a treatment center.

Until the newer, sixteen-bed alcohol and drug detox center had opened, the only facility that was available to offer drug and alcohol detox services was NET Kirkwood Detoxification, a relatively well-known sixteen-bed detoxification facility. Being the only program to facilitate this crucial first step in addiction treatment in Delaware, admissions were occurring around-the-clock and were in very high demand.

Fortunately, the new facility expanded the number of patients that can be accepted into detoxification treatment programs at a given time, but there are also plans in place to expand detox services to alcoholics and drug addicts who are detoxing and, therefore, withdrawing at home.

Medical staff will be able to facilitate withdrawal on more of an on-demand basis, which is intended to provide the resources that alcoholics and drug addicts need when they cannot be physically present in a detoxification program.

Inpatient Treatment Programs in Delaware

As mentioned previously, there’s also a severe shortage of inpatient drug rehabs in Delaware with the only two that are available being the Gateway and Gaudenzia facilities. One of the consequences of this inpatient treatment shortage is that patients must deal with long, drawn-out admissions procedures before they’re finally able to begin treatment.

According to the executive director of Gateway, it takes between two and four weeks just to be admitted into the treatment center, and that doesn’t include the length of time spent in treatment. Fortunately, both of the existing inpatient rehabs in Delaware provide very high-quality programming.

Even being limited in the number of patients they can accept, these two facilities are able to treat patients for the necessary length of time, provide any medications a patient might need, and even offer ancillary services that aid their recoveries.

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