adult children of addicts

Adult Children of Addicts: What You Should Know

When we talk about addicts and their children, we mostly think in terms of small children. These small children are too young to understand what is going on with their addict parents, except for knowing that something is not right in their household. During the rehabilitation process, there are many family therapy protocols available to help small children process what is happening with their parents. Unfortunately, often the adult children of addicts are forgotten during these therapeutic processes.

Still, adult children are directly affected by their parent’s addiction, especially if the addiction existed while these children were still living at home. Thankfully, the world has become more accepting of the idea that adult children of addicts need special support and care too.

Characteristics of Adult Children of Addicts

  • Experienced trauma at the hands of their addict parents and should be treated accordingly.
  • ┬áMay be good at lying about seemingly inconsequential things because they are used to lying about their family life.
  • May be unsure of how to follow through with projects because they never had successful follow-through modeled for them as children.
  • May go on to fight their own addiction or involve themselves in sexual or marital relationships with someone who is an addict because they are unsure of how to love a sober person.
  • May become extremely defensive about their upbringing when confronted with the idea that it may have been traumatic.

Adult children need all the same help and support that small children of addicts receive. If you are an adult child of an addict, there are support services available to you. You do not have to live in the shadow of your parent’s addiction any longer. Even if your parent is not yet ready to become sober, you may still want to get counseling for the trauma you experienced during your childhood.

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