Amber Portwood: From Teen Mom to Sober Teen

The MTV generation may remember reality TV star Amber Portwood from the shows Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. If so, they might also remember all the legal issues she’d experienced during that time — assault, domestic abuse, and a host of drug-related issues. Now, after being released from prison for those charges, she’s confessed her shortcomings and vowed to stay clean, going from “teen mom” to sober teen.

Amber Portwood: From Teen Mom to Sober Teen

Back in 2011, Portwood was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, the first of multiple violations of her probation (for assaulting her boyfriend/child’s father). She was given a suspended sentence on the grounds that she receive drug tests. After she failed to comply, she was mandated into a drug rehabilitation program. Yet, she violated her probation a third time when she dropped out and had a 5-year sentence imposed on her.

From Addiction to Jail to Recovery

Appearing on the Dr. Phil Show late last year, Amber Portwood revealed that she had been released due to good behavior and successfully attaining her GED. She also admitted that she had been intoxicated during the entire filming of Teen Mom. As a teen, she’d tried Adderall, an oft-abused stimulant that is medically prescribed to treat ADHD. She eventually moved onto depressants, including Klonopin, hydrocodone (Vicodin, Lortab), and oxycodone (OxyContin, Percocet).

The Life of An Addict

The insanity of her condition and the drugs she used aren’t the only features that Amber Portwood shares with other addicts. She’s also exhibited addiction in other areas, most notably sex. In addition, she’s struggled with suicidal tendencies, a symptom of addiction that is extremely important but not much recognized.

She also shares the genetics of addiction, having been born to an alcoholic father. The progression of addiction hit her just as hard, and it eventually drove her to hang herself in her bathroom.

Amber Portwood has overcome her suicide attempt. She has overcome her past, including multiple arrests, abuse, and a family history of addiction. And of course, she has overcome her own addiction. Appearing on Dr. Phil in 2013, she stated her intentions on organizing a group to help other struggling teens get sober — like many other addicts, she seeks to share the solution she has found.

Seeking Help

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