Can’t Afford Drug Treatment? Don’t Freak Out

If the reason you haven’t gone into rehab is because you can’t afford drug treatment, then it’s time to stop making money be an obstacle to getting your life back.

It is shocking at how costly it is to attend a drug treatment center or rehab facility. Some residential facilities ask for thousands of dollars for just a 30-day stay. And if you don’t have the insurance to cover it, it might seem like an impossible goal.

Try to remember that reaching the point where you’ve made the decision to enter treatment is hard enough, so make sure not to get stuck on how you are going to afford drug treatment. We understand that not everyone has insurance.

We’ve come up with a few options that you can utilize that don’t leave you at your insurance’s complete mercy below:

Finance Loans from Family and Friends

Consider reaching out to family and friends to ask for help if you can’t afford drug treatment on your own. Your addiction does not just affect you, but also those around you who you love dearly. Family and friends are happy to help as much as they can when it’s needed, especially for medical treatment.

While friends and family have probably been reluctant to help finance your addiction, they will likely be more open to support you actively seeking help. Popular social media websites like GoFundMe are frequently being used to successfully draw in funds for treatment.

If you do use a direct  avenue of a large loan from a specific person, make a strong promise to not only them, but yourself as well that you will pay them back on realistic terms so that you will not be putting your friendship or relationship in jeopardy in the future. Sign a contract to prove you’re serious about getting your life back together after treatment and discuss a payment plan.

Financing Treatment

Treatment facilities and drug rehab centers often have their own finance departments and plans that are available to their patients who can’t afford drug treatment immediately out of pocket. The center may finance everything themselves or through a third party company. Check with your choice of treatment center to find out more details.

If financing through your center is not an option, consider financing either via a credit card or bank loan. Make sure to get the lowest interest rate possible to avoid the cost rising dramatically.

Sell Personal Assets

If you have any large, disposable personal assets like a motor vehicle or boat, you may want to consider selling them to finance your treatment stay. With most people, our addictions are a matter of life and death. If selling one of our favorite possessions equates to another chance at a better life: the choice is easy. You can regain these assets later in life once you are clean and sober.

Can’t Afford Drug Treatment? Call Us for Advice

If you are struggling with addiction, don’t let financial matters get in the way of saving a person’s life. There are always financial options that can help people who can’t afford drug treatment. Drug Treatment Center Finder is dedicated to helping those lost and trying to find their way to recovery. Call our 24-hour helpline at (855) 619-8070. One of our call agents will help you find a drug rehab in your budget, discuss treatment payment options, and aftercare programs. Call now.

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