Cocoa Beach Drug Rehabs for Addicts

Cocoa Beach Drug Rehabs for Addicts

Addiction is a disease that has affected the entire demographic spectrum. And although it’s progressive and incurable, it can be treated. Nobody who becomes an addict has to remain in that state indefinitely. There are a variety of addiction treatments and recovery resources at Cocoa Beach drug rehabs available to those who have become physically or psychologically dependent on mind-altering substances; however, the process of finding and selecting the right rehab or program for one’s needs is not always as straightforward as one might think.

With there being such a large number of facilities available and a diverse variety of treatment modalities or approaches, it can be extremely intimidating to try to narrow down the countless recovery options into the treatment curriculum that best addresses one’s needs, especially for those who aren’t even sure of what their particular needs might be. And when one is looking for a rehab in an area that’s known for having a large selection of facilities such as in Cocoa Beach, choosing the right one out of many can feel a lot like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Therefore, the following will be a concise guide to finding the right drug rehab for one’s needs in Cocoa Beach, especially for those who are of a more advanced age, are suffering from heroin or painkiller addiction, or who are specifically in need of an affordable addiction treatment solution.

Alcohol & Drug Rehabs for Seniors in Cocoa Beach, Fla.

In recent years, the elderly has been identified as one of the most significantly risk groups for the development of an addiction. Professionals and media outlets from around the country have commenting on the elevated rates at which senior citizens are suffering from alcoholism and drug abuse. In fact, a recent estimate approximated the number of seniors suffering from alcoholism alone to currently be 2.8 million, and that number is expected to double by the year 2020. Moreover, there are a number of places that have a larger-than-average population of seniors; in particular, Cocoa Beach has an average resident age of 54 and is widely considered to be a community of retirees.

There are a number of reasons why seniors have become more prone to substance abuse problems. One explanation is that many seniors were born during a time when underage access to alcohol and access to drugs was much less restricted since substance abuse wasn’t as big of a social and cultural concern; this means that a number of today’s seniors had their first experiences with substance abuse at an extremely young age. Additionally, seniors are the population that experience the most health problems and, therefore, are prescribed more addictive, controlled substances than other age groups, compounding their risk of developing substance abuse problems; in fact, it’s estimated that at least one out of every five seniors has a substance abuse problem. Fortunately, Cocoa Beach drug rehabs have a number of addiction treatment options for seniors who are suffering from addiction and substance abuse problems.

Cocoa Beach Rehabs for Opioid Addiction

Recently, opioids like heroin and prescription pain medications have become one of the greatest public health concerns. Ever since the 1990s when OxyContin was first made available, people have felt more and more entitled to have access to powerful and addictive medications if they are experiencing any level of pain or discomfort. Combined with competition between pharmaceutical companies that each want their painkillers to be prescribed more than others, the result was a spike in the number of physicians prescribing addictive opiates as well as the number of individuals who wanted such medications to treat symptoms for which they may not have really needed them. By the mid-2000s, the United States was experiencing a full-blown prescription drug addiction epidemic, causing lawmakers to institute certain restrictions that would keep these addictive substances out of the hands of anyone deemed to be at risk of abusing or diverting them. As a result, many painkiller addicts switched to heroin when they began having trouble obtaining painkillers; heroin was a cheaper, more powerful, and more readily available alternative that could satisfy the same needs as the painkillers.

This resulted in the heroin epidemic that the United States continues to face today. The severity of this epidemic has been measured year-to-year by assessing the number of annual deaths that occur due to heroin overdose, which has continued to rise at an alarming rate. As a result, there are more and more treatment facilities offering programming and services specifically for the treatment of addiction to opioids; the facilities in Cocoa Beach are no exception. At any of the quality, Cocoa Beach rehabs offering opioid addiction treatment, programming begins with a period of opioid detox, which allows the addict to overcome the physical dependence and stabilize his or her body so that the individual can proceed to the treatment phase. During treatment, Cocoa Beach heroin and opiate addiction treatment programs offer individual and group counseling, life skills training, and a number of different complementary and supplemental offerings such as holistic therapies. In short, Cocoa Beach is equipped with many drug rehabs that can address the many different components of opioid addiction, allowing heroin and painkiller addicts a means of regaining their health and independence.

Cocoa Beach Drug Rehabs Offer Affordable Treatment Options  

Until very recently, the cost of treatment was one of the most prohibitive factors of recovery, causing many addicts to give up on the possibility of overcoming addiction due to the fact that they couldn’t afford to pay thousands of dollars up front for quality care and treatment. Fortunately, there have been some important changes and reform to healthcare in the United States, particularly the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act (ACA) that’s more colloquially known as “Obamacare”. According to this legislation, substance abuse treatment would be considered a mental health service and, therefore, an essential benefit of most private and government health plans.

Despite its thriving tourism industry, many year-round residents of Cocoa Beach actually fall below the poverty line, which means that many of them would be unable to pay for an expensive recovery program and, thusly, would likely resign themselves to remaining in active addiction. However, the recent healthcare reforms have made addiction treatment more accessible and attainable by ensuring that most insurance providers will cover all or most of the cost of treatment. Additionally, many Cocoa Beach rehabs have begun offering income- and need-based pricing and flexible payment plans for anyone whose insurance doesn’t cover the complete cost of treatment. In short, there are now many affordable treatment options available in Cocoa Beach.

We Can Match You to the Best Program for Your Needs

Addiction is a very dangerous, destructive disease. In fact, the longer an addict goes without treatment, he or she becomes increasingly more likely to lose his or her life to the disease. However, nobody needs to lose their life to addiction. At Drug Treatment Center Finder, we make it our mission to help anyone suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction to find the right programming for his or her individual needs.

We have created a network of the most high-quality alcohol and drug rehabs located in Cocoa Beach and throughout the rest of the country, which allows us to find the best accommodations for even the most obscure needs. If you or someone you love would like a free consultation and assessment, call Drug Treatment Center Finder today at 1-855-619-8070. Begin the journey back to health and happiness with one simple phone call.