addictive behaviors

Dealing with Addictive Behaviors

There are many terms for addictive behavior. In treatment, addicts will often learn about what an addictive personality is. 12-step groups also refer to an addict’s “character defects” and “shortcomings.” All of these are words and terms used to describe something that makes us feel good. As addiction goes beyond drugs themselves, we might overdo them once we’re sober. Yet, just like staying away from all drugs is part of sobriety, we mustn’t engage in addictive behaviors.

An addictive behavior might be something natural, perfectly okay to engage in under most circumstances. Yet, we can quickly become addicted to activities such as food and sex. Some addicts shake off their addiction to drugs, then spend every waking minute at the gym. Others spend all day at the office, working 24/7. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these things per se. In fact, many of them ought to be encouraged! Food, sex, fitness and your career are just some of life’s blessings, and they should be cherished. But cherishing them does not mean becoming obsessed with them. They must be done in moderation. If you find that you cannot find balance in any of these endeavors, then look into any support groups that treat them.

We may yet be addicted to other things. Dual diagnosis addicts with bipolar disorder often claim that they “get high” off of their manic episodes. The rush of energy, emotion and sometimes anger can become an addictive behavior, and obviously not a healthy one. Many drug addicts also have problems with gambling. The excitement of gambling is created by our brain chemistry. It releases dopamine, which is also triggered by cocaine, heroin and marijuana. So, this activity creates a very real high for the gambler. Yet it, too, can be overdone quite a bit and become an addictive behavior. Addicts who have just begun to spend their money wisely find themselves broke at the casino after one night. This is to say nothing of all the lies and stealing that go along with such behaviors.

Don’t recover from one addiction only to fall right into another. All addiction requires treatment and the right kind of help. To find a treatment center, call 877-968-6682 today!