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Finding a Drug Treatment Center with a Christian Program

Recovery is an intense journey. Those experiencing addiction and ready to begin rehabilitation quickly experience just how powerful and personal addiction recovery can be. It’s common for the loved ones of addicts to stage interventions as a last-ditch attempt to urge the individual to receive addiction treatment by participating in an addiction treatment program. When an individual chooses to accept treatment, the real work begins: There’s often a detox period in which mind-altering substances work their way out of the individual’s system as withdrawal peaks, ebbs, and begins to subside. After the detox period, the addict begins treatment, which typically consists of intensive psychotherapy with a counselor who specializes in addiction treatment, group and family counseling, skills-building sessions to help the individual return to a state of independence and self-sufficiency, a variety of recreational activities to encourage both physical and emotional health, addiction education and relapse prevention, and so on. Over the course of treatment, individuals learn a lot about the disease of addiction and even about themselves.

Even though most treatment programs will offer some combination of the aforementioned addiction treatment therapies as part of the curriculum, there’s also a certain level of variation between each drug treatment program as well as the potential for some personalization. However, since there’s no single one-size-fits-all recovery program that would be the best fit for all addicts, it’s essential to have a variety of recovery programs to meet a wide variety of recovery needs. While being religious isn’t a prerequisite of recovery, many addicts have found God to be instrumental in their recovery or have become more spiritual through the process of rehabilitation. It’s very common for recovery services and programs to have a Christian focus, guiding the addict toward a recovery in which he or she also becomes closer to God. There are inpatient programs, outpatient programs, and even recovery groups that offer a Christian-based recovery curriculum for those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs.

The Importance of Faith in Recovery

Many have considered faith in God to be essential to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Not only are Christian-based recovery programs great for those who prefer a spiritual element in recovery treatment, but those who may have lost their faith over the course of addiction, or who perhaps feel as if God has forgotten about them or allowed them to suffer, have the opportunity to renew their faith while returning to a life of sobriety and fulfillment. The original twelve-step program, Alcoholics Anonymous, intended for spirituality and faith to be a part of the recovery process. Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, considered addiction the result of people trying to fill the void left by a lack of spiritual fulfillment with substance abuse and intoxication. Even today, addicts who ascribe to a particular religion tend to feel as though they lose their spirituality over the course of active addiction, taking away any feelings of closeness to God; therefore, in order to recover, addicts must find spiritual fulfillment from within and feel closer to God without the use of mind-altering substances as a conduit.

While in active addiction, everything an addict does is centered around obtaining and using alcohol, which leaves very little room for being a Christian and being a follower of God. Alcohol and drug addicts see the most value in those things that will allow them to continue or sustain their addiction, which include money, objects that can be stolen or traded for money, people from which money or substances can be obtained, and so on. What’s more, although the life of an addict is far from stable, addicts’ lives are very much based on a predictable pattern or routine in which they use drugs, then begin searching for a means to obtain the next dose. This process repeats over and over again, ad infinitum, until the individual chooses to seek treatment. And in addition to addiction preventing Christians from feeling close to God, it also prevents them from forming and sustaining strong relationships with others, often even involving the sacrifice of relationships that were once important over the course of addiction.

What Christian Programs Have to Offer

Due to these many deficits that are created in the lives of addicts as a result of their alcohol and drug dependency, Christian recovery programs can offer these individuals not only the means of rehabilitating from chemical dependence, but a way of making a sober life more fulfilling. Turning to God can also be a great source of strength for individuals who are embarking on addiction recovery, offering hope in times of doubt and strength of conviction during times of temptation. This can also be a great way for recovery addicts to discover a great purpose for themselves, to give themselves over to God’s plan, and to put faith in the path toward healing and the undetermined, always-changing future. What’s more, that’s be a significant amount of anecdotal evidence that God has not only been instrumental in bringing about recovery in alcohol and drug addicts, but in preventing individuals from developing addiction to mind-altering substances in the first place; for example, a study on rates of addiction among athletes found that those athletes who ascribed to Christianity or another religion had significantly lower rates of alcohol and drug addiction than among those athletes who weren’t religious or spiritual.

Christian alcoholics and addicts often feel more guilty than other, non-religious addicts do. Every alcoholic feels they have failed their family, their husband or wife, their children, their friends, their work, and most of all their selves. Religious alcoholics feel all of this as well, but on top, they have failed their God. They must overcome their crisis of faith if they are to recover, and a Christian rehab provides an ideal environment with the right outlook for this level of introspection and spiritual enlightenment. In Christian recovery programs, addicts work with spiritual counselors in order to identify the ways in which they failed to live by spiritual ideals and the ways in which they can improve their relationship with God. What’s more, Christian recovery programs allow addicts to take part in sacraments while working on their recovery, which means they attend Mass, receive the Eucharist, and confess their sins while in rehab rather than having to miss their services.

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