Drug Rehab Centers Close to Home

Drug Rehab Centers Close to Home: What Are the Pros and Cons?

Drug rehab centers close to home may seem like the obvious starting place for people looking to get addiction treatment, but not everyone can benefit from staying in the same city they started using. Addiction treatment doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all method, so it’s important to consider personal factors of the potential client when researching for the right drug treatment center.

If you’re interested in drug rehab centers close to home, consider the pros and cons of your decision before enrolling:

Pro: Family and Friends Can Participate in Therapy Counseling with You

Research from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) suggest that incorporating family into drug rehab therapy can be beneficial to a person’s addiction treatment. Drug rehab centers close to home allow family, friends, and loved ones to be more active in a person’s treatment and begin the process of repairing and maintaining relationships.

Family therapy approaches addiction as a disease for the whole family unit, not just something that affects only one person. As such, by focusing on the person’s addiction and how it affected loves ones, treatment can be extended to everyone involved. This is particularly effective in minority groups that stress familial relationships, such as for Hispanic and Latino families, but can also be effective therapy for other marginalized groups and demographics, such as for LGBTQ communities and single mothers.

Con: You May Not Want Certain Family and Friends to Be Around

While mending familial relationships may be important, there are certain relationships that may need to be cut off. This could pertain to domestic abuse cases, family members and friends who still use drugs and alcohol, and/or codependent relationships.

Friends and family who still use may attempt to smuggle substances into drug rehabs close to home because they are easily accessible, thus doing a disservice to the client and putting lives at risk. If there is a safety issue involved, it may be better to go to a drug rehab in a new city to reduce the risk.

Pro: Outpatient Programs Help You Maintain Your Schedule

For people who still need to maintain their work schedules or have families to take care of, there are also options to enroll in outpatient programs at drug rehab centers close to home. There are different types of outpatient programs, ranging from intensive outpatient programs (IOP) that have you stay at the treatment center for up to eight hours of the day while other programs may have you visit two to three times a week for a few hours.

This may be more suitable for clients with less severe addictions and who can still manage their lives outside of treatment without having to worry about negative influences, high stress situations, or financial strain. However, if the client feels overwhelmed, enrolling into an inpatient program may be necessary.

Con: You’re More Susceptible to Triggers When You Get Out

The major con to drug rehab centers close to home has less to do with their treatment as it does to do with after treatment. When clients complete their drug rehab program and return home, they’re much more liable to triggers and old routines influencing them to a relapse. This is why it’s important to have someone eliminate drug paraphernalia, alcohol, and other substance reminders from your home before you arrive.

Old friends who still use may also try to reenter your life, which can hinder your sobriety. Passing by places from where you used to purchase substances or get high/drunk may be too triggering and tempt you to pick up again. Returning to toxic home and/or work environments may be too stressful to handle in the early stages of recovery, especially if returning home may prove to be an obstacle to practicing good sobriety habits, like going to support group meetings regularly.

Pro: Drug Rehab Centers Close to Home May Be More Cost-Effective

All Marketplace insurance plans cover mental health and substance abuse services as essential health benefits, but policies may vary in how they cover specific types of treatment programs and additional services (e.g. holistic therapy).

Depending on your HMO network, it may or may not be more cost-effective to go to drug rehab centers close to home, including for people covered by Medicare or Medicaid. Speak with your insurance representative for more details on what your insurance policy covers.

After the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, more people have been given the opportunity to afford drug treatment. Yet, only 10.8 percent out of 21.7 million people who needed treatment for substance abuse actually received it in 2015. As Congress continues to form a new universal health care plan, insurance policies are subject to change in the upcoming years, but in the meantime, always call and see what is covered. You may be surprised by what you learn!

Con: They May Not Give You the New Beginning You Need

While there are pros to going to drug rehab centers close to home, for some clients, it may be more effective to start with a clean slate in a new city. The friends and social circles they will create will have more of an emphasis on their support groups, other people in recovery, and sober people in general—as opposed to people who still use and/or have connections to substance use.

Starting in a new city can be stressful, but many drug rehab centers offer aftercare services and may guide clients to sober living homes to help them transition into routine life after treatment. Resources like job agencies and continuing education programs can also be provided to help clients get on track for new goals in their life.

Even simply being able to participate in recovery meetings in a new city, where you’re likely to meet locals with completely different perspectives from you will have a large impact in how you approach your sobriety.

Weigh the pros and cons of whether drug rehab centers close to home are more important to you or if maybe this is the time to start the next chapter in your life in a different setting. Life is full of possibilities. Start your recovery where you know you’ll succeed.

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