Free Rehabs vs. Luxury Rehabs

Free Rehabs vs. Luxury Rehabs: What’s the Difference?

The disease of addiction is a very complicated affliction, especially when compared to other diseases. It’s neither a physical nor a psychological disease, but rather somewhere in between. It is also a disease that affects an individual’s family nearly as much as the addict him or herself, which is why it’s often referred to as “the family disease” as a means of expressing the extent to which a family suffers from one’s alcohol or drug addiction.

Although it cannot currently be cured, addiction is treatable. This means individuals who develop addictions to alcohol, drugs, or even a number of harmful behaviors have options available with which they can overcome the disease and its destructive, encompassing influence. For instance, many addicts have had great success in recovery after joining twelve-step programs such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.

However, twelve-step programs put an emphasis on spirituality as the central component of recovery, which is why these types of programs aren’t optimal for everyone. Alternately, there are several different types of addiction treatment programs offered at facilities that range from the more basic treatment centers offering subsidized or free treatment programs to the luxury recovery facilities that offer all the amenities imaginable.

The sheer volume of treatment centers available can make it difficult to narrow down to find the facilities to the one’s that best meet the needs of the person in addiction. Therefore, the following will outline the characteristics of free rehabs vs. luxury rehabs, comparing and contrasting them to help individuals determine which would best serve their needs.

Getting Addiction Treatment for Free

Until very recently, one of the biggest roadblocks to recovery for those in need was cost. Most private and government health insurance plans didn’t cover the cost of substance abuse or addiction treatment, which meant that individuals suffering from addiction had to pay for costly rehab programs out of their own pockets. However, with the inception of the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act — alternately known as ACA or colloquially as “Obamacare” — most health insurance plans, especially those obtained through the Health Insurance Exchange, began to cover substance abuse treatment as an essential mental health benefit. In effect, this made treatments significantly more accessible to those who most needed them.

With most insurances able to cover the cost of treatment, this means that there are numerous facilities available that can offer individuals with qualifying health plans treatment at either low or no cost to them. These facilities may be lacking some of the bells and whistles of the higher-end treatment centers, but all the core components of an effective recovery curriculum would still be offered, including individual counseling and psychotherapy, group sessions, addiction and psychoeducation, relapse prevention and life-skills training, and perhaps even a few complementary treatments with which clients can personalize their programming.

The most notable drawbacks are that the facilities offering free programming will inevitably afford clients less comfort and luxury, especially when it comes to their accommodations. Additionally, free programs typically include only what’s necessary and little else; therefore, clients may miss out on holistic therapies, experiential treatments, and other auxiliary services that many luxury facilities offer.

What Luxury Rehabs Have to Offer

On the other end of the spectrum, luxury rehabs could be considered the four- and five-star resorts of the addiction recovery world. Virtually every aspect of a client’s rehabilitation is upgraded in some way; the accommodations are plush and attractive, there’s usually a scenic view, there are many supplementary activities as well as some pampering available, and even the food is much better. These are the facilities that Hollywood’s Lohanian A-listers attend after a bout with alcoholism or drug addiction.

Additionally, there’s typically a much more diverse roster of treatments, therapies, and groups that are available, including those tailored toward specific needs and demographics such as women’s groups, LGBTQ+ groups, faith-based groups, and so on. In effect, luxury facilities offer not only the aforementioned luxury, but also a much more personable experience; however, the most obvious drawback to luxury facilities is the cost, which can reach up to several tens of thousands of dollars and higher at the more well-known luxury rehabs.

Free Rehab or Luxury Rehab: Choosing What’s Right for You

Deciding whether to choose a free rehab vs. a luxury rehab should be based on one thing: One’s specific recovery needs. For instance, does a free rehab offer those treatments that would satisfy one’s needs? If not, do the features of a luxury facility warrant the high cost? What works best for one individual doesn’t necessarily work best at all. And with addiction treatment being covered by most health insurance plans now, it’s a good idea to try to make a free or low-cost program work if possible.

Alternately, there are a variety of facilities that lie somewhere in between, offering more than a free rehab while not being so costly. However, individuals who have great financial freedom and either require or strongly prefer what a luxury rehab can offer might choose to combine their recovery with a vacation- or resort-like experience complete with pampering and various activities.

Achieve Health & Happiness with Drug Treatment Center Finder

The journey from addiction to sobriety is different for every addict. The programs and treatments that yield optimal results for some may not be nearly as effective for others, which is why it’s important for each person embarking on the recovery journey to determine his or her specific recovery needs. That’s where we come in. At Drug Treatment Center Finder, we help any and all individuals find the best programs and facilities for their needs. For a free consultation and assessment, call us today at 1-855-619-8070 and speak with one of our recovery specialists. Don’t become a casualty of addiction; begin your happy, healthy life with just one phone call.

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