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5 Common Drug Rehab Fears

The journey of addiction various substantially for every addict, but some of the fears of people in addiction are similar or the same. Here are five common drug rehab fears that addicts give for avoiding or rejecting the recovery process. 

Fear: Rehabilitation Is Like Imprisonment

Most addicts equate substance abuse with their freedom and independence. Although they have become slaves to mind-altering substances, the substance abuse behavior was initially a conscious and willful choice. Despite the development of chemical dependence, most addicts continue to equate their substance abuse with personal choice. And if substance abuse makes addicts feel free, checking into a rehab to get clean would make them feel as if they are losing their freedom and their ability to choose for themselves. Moreover, addicts may also compare inpatient facilities to jail or prison as patients are usually required to remain on-site for the duration of their treatment programs.

To someone who has spent years or even decades exploiting his or her own freedom in order to get high, the prospect of living in a drug rehab for a period of up to several months can feel like being sent to prison. Fortunately, once addicts actually get to rehab, they typically find that it’s not like what they had expected; especially in the case of luxury facilities, most drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers want to make patients as comfortable as possible as they work on optimizing their mental and physical health.

Fear: Withdrawal & Detoxification

Of the numerous reasons that addicts often give for delaying or avoiding recovery, fear of withdrawal is arguably the most common. Imminent withdrawal is an ever-present force in an addict’s life. When an addict is somehow unable to obtain the next dose of alcohol or drugs, he or she will shortly begin experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms. It’s this fear that prolongs active addiction as each dose is really just a means of postponing withdrawal. As such, many addicts fear recovering in an alcohol or drug rehab as they know that they will be forced to face and overcome withdrawal. However, most addicts aren’t aware of the care they receive in detoxification. Rather being forced into painful withdrawal, detox treatment is intended to make addicts as comfortable as possible while overcoming the physical aspects of chemical dependency.

Fear: Being Stigmatized

Addicts are notoriously secretive. Before becoming fully addicted to alcohol or drugs, substance abusers keep the escalation of their growing habits a secret from their loved ones. As the habit transitions into addiction, they may begin feeling shame and guilt; despite knowing the dangers of substance abuse, most individuals are still surprised when they become addicted. When it comes to the prospect of recovery, they’re fearful because recovery will require admitting their addictions and the potential stigmatization that can result. Society tends to view addicts in an overwhelmingly negative way, even often believing them to have diseases like HIV and AIDS. Therefore, addicts often feel that accepting treatment and beginning the recovery process will result in widespread stigmatization.

Fear: Treatment & Therapy Are Confrontational

There are many misconceptions that addicts have concerning the recovery process. In addition to fearing that recovery will be like being imprisoned, addicts often mistakenly believe that addiction treatments and the therapies used in alcohol and drug rehabs are confrontational. In short, they worry that therapy will involve being aggressively confronted about their substance abuse and past mistakes made while under the influence of addiction. Unfortunately, many who suffer from addiction are unaware that addiction counselors and therapists are highly compassionate, sympathetic, and empathetic individuals who want to help each addict overcome the underlying factors that caused and sustained a substance abuse problem.

Fear: Sobriety & Relapse

Being in active addiction involves very little pressure. Having already become addicted, there’s really no way that the situation can get much worse, which can make addicts feel that they have nothing left to lose. While this might seem like a low point, this feeling can be liberating to an extent. However, with recovery and sobriety come the responsibility and pressure to sustain one’s abstinence from substance abuse. After achieving sobriety and completing an addiction treatment program, it’s up to the recovering addict to maintain it. As such, addicts often fear the recovery process because of the pressure that will come with having regained their health, sobriety, and independence. Fortunately, these drug rehab fears can be worked out. It becomes easier and easier to remain sober with the passage of more time. The support of loved ones combined with the expertise of counselors and therapists help to reinforce one’s newfound sobriety.

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