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Find a Drug Rehab That Gives You a Change of Scenery

When you are trying to find a drug rehab, one of the most important things to consider is location. There are hundreds of different drug rehab facilities all across the country. So, you or your loved one shouldn’t feel restricted to your home state. Many states have a wealth of drug rehab within them, and there are good reasons why you should find a drug rehab far away from home.

Find a Drug Rehab That Provides a New Environment

Almost all drug rehab facilities provide the same drug addiction services: addiction therapy, medication, drug testing, etc. However, only certain treatment centers provide the most important of drug addiction services: a change of scenery.

You might have hundreds of drug rehab facilities in your home state. However, these treatment centers are also located near your home. They are near all your triggers and temptations: people, places, and things.


Drug rehab facilities near home are right near all the people you associate with your drinking and drug use. In some way or another, these people have helped to make your addiction worse. They might be people you consider friends. They’re often your drug dealers (or in the case of alcoholics, bartenders). If these people enabled your addiction before, they may continue even if they know you are in addiction treatment. If and when they tempt you, you will not be strong enough to resist.


Places can be just as powerful as people. When you see a place where you used to drink, drug, or buy drugs, you remember the excitement you felt as you were about to get high. There are also pawn shops where you used to get money for your habit. There may be drug rehab facilities near these places, but it doesn’t matter. When you see them, you can’t help but remember all the “good times” they represented before addiction treatment.


Even inanimate objects near drug rehab facilities can trigger your addiction. Some of these things can be obvious. For cocaine addicts, they are straws and mirrors. For heroin addicts, they are needles and tourniquets. However, some things are more subtle. For example, there may be a couch that you used to pass out on when you were drunk. Seeing, smelling, touching, or hearing these things brings your mind back to active addiction. Some addicts get depressed when they think about this. Others get excited. In either case, it will end the same: you will feel the urge to get high.

Go to a Drug Treatment Center That Offers a Change of Scenery

When you find a drug rehab outside of your old environment, you remove yourself from these temptations. At the same time, drug rehab facilities away from home allow you to start fresh. There is no one there who knows your reputation. No one will judge you based on the things you’ve done. Recovery is all about getting a second chance at life. There’s no better way to experience this than addiction treatment in a far-off place!

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