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How to Find an Alcohol Rehab Center

The process of finding the right alcohol rehab center can be daunting. This isn’t the type of thing that most people are going to naturally know, making it important for there to be informative resources available for anyone trying to find the right rehab for a person’s recovery needs. Additionally, it’s often particularly difficult to find the optimal rehab for alcoholism, which represents up to 40 percent of admissions to treatment programs in the U.S.

In terms of recovery, alcoholism requires a much different course of treatment than that of most drug addictions. Therefore, the following are some important considerations for addicts and their family members who are trying to find an alcohol rehab center.

Strict Supervision vs. Drug Testing at an Alcohol Rehab Center

Although alcoholism and drug addiction are two different sides of the same proverbial coin, there are a couple key ways in which alcohol and drug addiction differ. When a person uses a drug, the substances passes through the body while its active ingredients are processed or absorbed accordingly, allowing the drug to reach the bloodstream and, consequently, the brain.

However, drugs tend to leave behind some trace of their presence, which allows them to be detected in a drug screen for a minimum of several days up to a month or more, dependent on which substance was used and personal factors like gender, body size, and metabolism.

By comparison, alcohol can only be detected in the body by some form of screen for a very short amount of time. In fact, one unit of alcohol passes through the body and cannot be detected after one to two hours with the amount of time again being depending on things like one’s gender and metabolism.

Since alcohol passes through the body so quickly, a person requiring treatment for alcoholism should enroll in a facility that can compensate for this by having more strict supervision in place of a reliance of random drug screens. For this and other reasons, it’s beneficial for an alcoholic to enroll in an alcohol rehab center rather than a drug rehab.

Cliients Who Suffer from More than One Addiction

Among all those who misuse alcohol, there are many who either have a history of abusing other substances or who actively abuse other substances while addicted to alcohol. This means that there’s a significant group of individuals—estimated at over 18 percent—who become addicted to alcohol and another substance, which is referred to as polysubstance dependence or cross-addiction.

The habitual use of two substances compounds the numerous dangers that are inherent in the abuse of alcohol or some other substance alone, especially when both substances are used at the same time. In particular, someone with polysubstance addiction will be at a much higher risk of overdosing due to the potential interaction of the two substance. This would also mean a greater chance of one’s substance abuse habit affecting his or her employment, family and relationships, and so on.

When a person seeking treatment is addicted to alcohol as well as some other drug, his or her polysubstance dependence should be a major consideration in the treatments and therapies the individual receives. Again, since alcohol and drug addictions require a level of difference in approach, this will mean adapting certain treatments to ensure that all the client’s needs are met.

Preparing Alcoholics for Lasting Sobriety

In addition to the differences in the way alcoholism and drug addiction are treated, there’s another fundamental difference that should be strongly considered when trying to find an alcohol rehab center and which pertains to one of the most basic characteristics that differ between alcohol and other drugs.

Whereas most chemical substances considered “drugs” are illegal and, therefore, can only be obtained by buying them illegally on the street, alcohol is actually a legal substance; this means that when the alcoholic completes treatment and returns to his or her community, he or she will be tempted by and confronted with opportunities to buy alcohol on a regular or even a daily basis.

Today, a person can find different types of alcohol in many of the places that people regularly visit, including gas stations and grocery stores. Additionally, most cities and towns have a number of bars available, which make the prospect of relapsing even more tempting.

Since alcohol is legal and readily available, an alcohol rehab center should accommodate for this by preparing individuals in recovery from alcohol to resist in the many instances when they could very easily buy some alcohol. In effect, arming them with effective relapse prevention strategies that account for the legal availability of alcohol will ensure that one finds the right alcohol rehab center and gets the best treatments for alcoholism.

Free Yourself from Alcoholism with Drug Treatment Center Finder

Alcoholism is widely considered to be the original addiction, but it’s also believed to be the most dangerous. While it’s certainly possible to overcome alcoholism, it’s crucial that individuals who are dependent on alcohol find a treatment program in order to do so since certain phases of alcoholism recovery can actually be dangerous. And Drug Treatment Center Finder is here to help you find the best program for your needs.

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