Florida Drug Rehab Centers: A Hidden, Dark Underside

There are so many Florida drug rehab centers, that the state has become the “Recovery Capital” of the US, but there is a dark side to this industry.

In places like Florida where there are an exceptionally high number of treatment centers located in a relatively small geographic space, it’s more like that one will encounter facilities that aren’t run by professionals, but rather are run by individuals looking to exploit recovery addicts for a profit and turn recovery into a business. As such, the following will serve as a concise topical overview of the dark side of Florida drug rehabs.

Potential Dangers in the Recovery Capital of the World

In recent years, the state of Florida has seen major growth in the field of addiction recovery and treatment. Perhaps it’s the temperate, vacation-like locale with hundreds of miles of beaches, but many of those who were seeking treatment found themselves enrolling in programming in Florida rehabs.

As such, more and more facilities opened with many of them adhering to an unofficial treatment pattern. According to the Florida model of addiction treatment, many individuals begin their recoveries by completing detox treatments and an inpatient program, followed by forms of outpatient treatment, transitional housing, and active participation in the local recovery community.

However, with so many recovery facilities being in such a relatively small geographic area, it’s inevitably that there would be a few of questionable quality and integrity. Some facilities have been known to overcharge clients or in state difficult-to-follow rules that cause them to be thrown out and lose the money they’ve paid. Then there are those facilities that violate clients in other ways that are more shocking and inhumane.

For instance, a couple who opened their home to drug-addicted teens under the pretense of providing them with a sober environment while they were in rehab ended up forcing teen girls into prostitution, controlling them by actually encouraging them to continue using drugs. This sex-trafficking ring was found to have resulted in instances of pedophilia, underage pornography, and other unimaginable crimes.

The couple who ran the teenage sex-trafficking ring have since been sentenced to federal prison, but unfortunately there are many other dangers lurking in the Florida recovery community that threat not only individuals’ recoveries, but their very lives.

Fraudulent Transitional Living Facilities in Florida

Recent legislation in Florida has attempted to make sober living situations safer for those in need. Due to the countless recovery facilities that have emerged in Florida, there has been a huge demand for transitional living facilities, which are residential environments in which individuals in treatment will live.

There’s traditionally been very little regulation of these facilities, which means that pretty much anyone can take in recovery addicts, charge them rent, and call their home a transitional living facilities. Moreover, some of these individuals have approached rehabs for partnerships, offering the facility a kickback for referring its clients to their halfway house.

As such, new legislation has forbidden rehabs from entering such partnerships; moreover, rehabs can’t refer clients to transitional housing if the housing isn’t accredited with the available certifications through the Department of Children and Families.

These partnerships between rehabs and fraudulent transitional living homes has been a major issue in recent years with the FBI and IRS having orchestrated a number of raids on facilities throughout the state, confiscating computers and records that show the exchange of money for referrals to accredited halfway housing. 

There are increasing reports of transitional living facilities even offering recovering addicts drugs in the hope that they’ll relapse, at which point they can evict those individuals from their premises after having collected payments from insurance plans or deposits and fees required upon an individual’s moving in.

It’s been suggested that there are transitional living facilities that falsify drug screens and urine tests in order to fail individuals that have actually remained abstinent and, therefore, should have passed their screens.

Between the scamming rehabs and the fraudulent transitional living facilities, there are a number of individuals who head to Florida for its strong recovery communities and numerous treatment facilities, but ending up either back on drugs or dead from an overdose.

As such, it’s more important than even to ensure that the facility where one is intending to receive treatment is an accredited, authentic facility that is genuinely invested in the care of each client. There are many rehabs that are genuine and effective, but there are also a number that seek to exploit the addiction epidemic, the high demand for treatment, and high rates of relapse among addicts.

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Rather than there being a single way of achieving sobriety that’s more effective than others, an individual can overcome addiction using a number of resources in several different ways. However, it’s important for each addict to find the resources that best address his or her specific recovery needs, which is where Drug Treatment Center Finder comes in.

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  1. I was sent to rehab in FL called Recovery Institute of South Florida, after having an emotional breakdown. It is run by an EAP called HCAMS up here in WillowGrove, PA, who told me they could treat mental health issues also, because they have a dual diagnosis.
    The living conditions were horrible, the Detox Centerni Davie was run down and over crowded. Things like the junkyard mattresses, mold in the air vents, being threatened by male clients, mixed up meds and a staff that was FAR FROM PROFESSIONAL stand out in my mind. I was there for 2 weeks and the 2nd week i got a total of 10 hours sleep. When I asked for my personal items, like cell phone, IDs, cash and credit card, etc. so I could go home. I was pulled into a room the size of a closet where my “therapist” and a nurse practioner decided to rip me apart and degrade me, while my parents were on the phone. BTW, they lied to my parents about everything.
    I ended up being held against my will, in the psychward at jackson memorial hospital north, in miami. Why? Because the perverted psychiatrist who worked for RISF had me sent there. I was taken off Paxil, which I have been on since age 20 and put on cymbalta and clonozapam. A week later, I agreed go back to the program, in order to get out of the hospital.
    In the 2nd step of the program we spent more time in a van being driven around than in therapy. I was kicked out of group because the “therapist” there was more on edge than I was… and I spent my whole time in Fl, in selfdefence mode. So my understanding of my issues came from book I bought and was reading, my therapy the whole time was my journal.
    I am a Christian and that was used against me to keep me there longet than the 1 week I agreed to, after the hospital. The woman who ran the place is an asst. pastor and kept telling me that God sent me for her and she needed me there.
    Long story short, after fighting for the correct meds, taking myself of tyrazadone which made me want to hurt myself, and chlonozapam that made me feel like I was living in a bubble. I also had to play dumb at the grocery store to get a bottle of excederine migraine, because they would only give me asprine, which does nothing. Anyways, I walked out. I stole one of the phones, called home, packed my stuff and left, prepared to spend a couple days on the streets of Ft. Lauderdale. I walked something like a mile to Davie Blvd. to find a pay phone, but instead was found by another client and his parents who helped me.
    I had to go to the white house, one of the reasons we spend more time in the vans, than anything, to get my stuff. When I was told no, I called the police (who never showed up), like my dad had told me to. I was attacked by one of the techs. He had both of my arms and was pulling me to the ground, my only defense was to try to bite him. When the other tech told him, I was let go. I was given some of my meds and had to wait outside, aline in the dark while the head tech came to get me everything else. It was a total of 45 before I had what I thought was everything and was in a cab headed to a hotel. They had thrown out some of my meds a suppliments when I got there and then never returned my epi-pen and a couple other things.
    I left NJ in crisis, which should never have happened, I spent the whole time in FL. in crisis, and I left FL in crisis. I came back sick and my primary had to fix me. I came back shattered and Psychiatrist, Therapist and PTSD specialist had to put me back together and help me to fully come home and stop being afraid.
    I found out later that they had said I was addicted to the .5 mg Xanax my primary had me on, this was to get me there and get money from my insurance. Then the diagnosis was changed to no addiction. Most of the treatment ANY client recieved was AA, NA, and EA. None of whice cam treat any underlying issues.
    I WAS ABUSED, phychologically, physically, emotionally, and spirtiually. I have depression, like NEVER before, PTSD and GOD only knows what other issues will come up. All I wanted was help and all I got was ABUSE.
    I have called the Palm Beach County Sober Living Task Force and reported HCAMS/ RISF. The investigation was given to Broward Co. but I haven’t heard anything, even though I emailed the detective. I’ve called lawyers but no one will take the case. I called the local news and only heard back a day ago… I am not sure I have it in me to lay it all out there…
    Here in NJ my therapist had other clients who were sent to RISF, under the same lie, “to save your job.” They are in recovery… still or again. There are others who I have talked to personally, one was almost raped at detox, the police were never called and no report was made at RISF…This happened because the men and women are not separated except by room. Just like the mental health clients are not separate from those with addictions.
    Lastly and sadly, while i was down there we were told of a woman named Christine who came home to NJ and committed suicide. I dont think it had anything to do with her family or an addiction. I THINK IT WAS FROM THE TIME SHE SPENT AT RISF.
    So thanks for the memories, but Livorsi, you can have them back. I don’t want them.


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