What is Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment?

Individuals who become addicted to alcohol and drugs learn from experience the number of profound ways that addiction affects a person’s life. Substance abuse disorders, as well as many types of behavioral addiction, render a person completely changed, robbing them of their potential and their aspirations, depleting their mental and physical health, and resulting in the destruction many relationships that had previously been important to them. As a chronic disease of the brain, addiction warps and alters the minds, making an addict’s primary purpose in life the obsessive, habitual seeking and consumption of alcohol and drugs.

Due to the nature of addiction and the large number of ways in which addicts are affected by the disease, there is quite a variety of addiction treatments available to help addicts break free of the chains of addiction. Since addicts experience addiction in a very individualized way that will vary from one individual to the next, it’s necessary for there to be many different types of treatment available so that individuals can participate in the addiction treatment program that best addresses their particular needs and, consequently, would be more beneficial to their recovery than other forms of treatment.

Holistic addiction treatment is one of the many different types of treatments that are available to those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. In order to understand how one might benefit from holistic drug addiction treatment, we must first learn more about what holistic treatment is and what makes it unique compared to other types of addiction treatment.

Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment: Recovery for the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions

You’ve probably heard of holistic medicine, which is a philosophy of health that sees the body as composed of numerous parts, processes, and systems that each function independently while being dependent on all of this others; this means that when one part isn’t working properly, all of the other parts will be affected to some degree as well. In practice, holistic medicine has a mind-body-spirit-emotions approach to health in which each component must be assessed and, when necessary, treated in order to achieve optimum wellness.

A holistic doctor may still use traditional treatments such as medication for a particular ailment, but they will also look at other factors that could be related to a condition such as sleep and exercise habits, diet, stress levels, and so on. Traditional addiction treatment programs typically begin with a period of detox followed by a relatively brief period of psychotherapy consisting of individual and group sessions. These programs tend to be only a “bare bones” addiction treatment that’s comparable to being only a topical ointment for a wound, meantime the individual needs a variety of other types of treatment in order to heal on the inside.

In the case of alcohol and drug addiction, holistic treatment takes a similar approach to that of holistic medicine, focusing on a comprehensive treatment regimen in which the needs of the mind, body, spirit, and emotions are incorporated into the recovery curriculum. Holistic addiction treatment takes into account the many ways that addiction affects a person’s life by offering a more diverse and comprehensive selection of therapies and forms of addiction intervention.

These programs are becoming increasingly popular for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction because, due to the diverse therapies offered, those in need of treatment can develop a very personalized treatment plan that addresses their substance abuse disorder on a very individualized basis, which makes the success rate of recovery for these individuals much higher than a number of other treatment programs.

What are the Benefits of Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment?

As mentioned above, holistic addiction treatments offer a wide variety of treatments for individuals seeking recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Each rehabilitation facility will have its own unique curriculum of holistic offerings, but there are a number of therapeutic treatments that are common in holistic drug addiction treatment programs. Some of the

Some of the holistic therapeutic treatments that individuals have found helpful include yoga and pilates, tai-chi, meditation and mindfulness exercises, hypnosis, acupuncture and acupressure, massage therapy, spinal modification therapy, art and music therapy, bodywork, biofeedback, nutritional counseling, animal-assisted therapy, sport and adventure therapy, exercise, extensive addiction education, spiritual counseling and guidance, skills-building and vocational training, and so on.

There are also a number of treatment specialties and modalities that are commonly offered by trained specialists as part of holistic addiction programs and have proven to be helping in providing addicts with the tools needed to achieve and sustain sobriety. These specialties include Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and even Reiki. Most of these treatments are meant to address the effects that the disease of addiction has on a person in ways other than just the physical, being especially helpful for spiritual, emotional, and psychological healing.

In addition to receiving the psychotherapy that’s proven to be instrumental in recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, holistic addiction treatment programs allow addicts to address a number of other factors that have caused or contributed to their addiction as well as some of the resultant effects. In fact, there are a number of addicts who developed alcohol or drug addiction due to low self-esteem and self-worth, depression, anxiety related to a trauma, a history of physical and/or sexual abuse, and even lacking spiritual or emotional fulfillment.

There can be a number of personal issues related to a person’s suffering from a substance abuse disorder, which might even be spiritual or emotional. Holistic treatment offers an opportunity to address deficiencies in other aspects of health while participating in comprehensive addiction recovery treatment.

Any addict, no matter one’s individual background or belief, can benefit from the level of personalization and the comprehensive approach that a holistic drug addiction treatment program have to offer. Even those who have participated in treatment before and relapsed will find much value in holistic treatment, perhaps even a new outlook on addiction and life.

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