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How Does Christian Rehab Work?

A Christian rehab is an example of a more focused or targeted type of addiction treatment that is tailored to the very specific recovery needs of individuals who have a strong Christian faith. As such, the following will offer a description of Christian-based addiction treatment as well as a discussion of the difficulties faced by Christians who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction.

The Friction Between Faith and Addiction

One of the premiere recovery options available for individuals of faith is Alcoholics Anonymous and its many derivative twelve-step groups. The twelve-step method was developed by a man named Bill Wilson who famously said that people develop alcoholism due to their seeking purpose, meaning, and fulfillment at the bottom of a bottle. Although there are many reasons why individuals might begin abusing mind-altering substances, a spiritual deficit is often named as one of the most common reasons, especially for individuals with a history of strong faith.

Moreover, the transition from substance abuser to full-on addict coincides with the weakening of one’s faith both in terms of belief and in practice. This occurs for many reasons, including shame and guilt or feeling like they’ve let down their loved ones and God. These thoughts and feelings create deep spiritual pain that addicts try to numb with additional substance abuse, causing them to slip further and further away from their faith. Conversely, some individuals will turn to substance abuse after experiencing hardships and will begin to shirk the responsibilities that come with being a practicing believer due to feeling like they have been abandoned by God.

What Is the Purpose of a Christian-Based Drug Rehab?

For a Christian individual who has developed an addiction to alcohol or drugs, recovery is a multifaceted or multidimensional process that consists of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Christian-based treatment facilities often acknowledge and abide by the disease model of addiction, but they also incorporate a strong focus on an individual’s spiritual needs as part of the recovery process. In essence, a Christian rehab program would help an individual to accomplish two important things: It would help him or her to acquire the tools necessary to achieve long-lasting sobriety and to reconnect with their lost or diminished faith.

Unique Offerings of a Christian Rehab

Whereas most non-denominational drug treatment centers will focus on things like skills-building and psychotherapy, Christian rehabs incorporate many of the components of organized religion, such as the fellowship that individuals often experience in their own congregations. Since all the clients at a Christian rehab would share the same faith, there would be a sense of having similar values and beliefs with others as well as being on the same or similar journeys. This provides a sort of built-in support network for Christian individuals in the process of recovery from addiction as the clients tend to feel a much stronger sense of community due to their shared faiths. Moreover, Christian and other faith-based treatment programs often include group scripture and Bible study sessions as well as prayer groups as part of the recovery curriculum, which serve to help clients reconnect with their faith and with God. While in recovery at a Christian rehab, clients are often encouraged to be involved with local churches and the community, which helps to prepare individuals for when they return home after completing their programs as it helps them to regain a semblance of humility, humanity, and altruism.

The Important Role of Faith in Overcoming Addiction

For those who are of the Christian belief system, faith has a pivotal role in an individual’s recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. Over the course of active addiction, individuals often either abandon their faith or begin to feel abandoned by God, causing them to lose touch with their faiths. As individuals establish a stronger connection with God during treatment, they begin to accommodate some of the structure and discipline involved in being a practitioner into a new daily routine. Additionally, the Christian perspective is that individuals must be not only a believer, but a practicing believer in order to achieve lasting sobriety. The idea is that belief alone was unable to prevent an individual from developing an addiction and, therefore, would be unable to keep an individual sober for the long-term. In order to have a greater chance of success in recovery, individuals must actually be practicing believers. Practicing and fully living in one’s faith will be able to help him or her to remain sober. And considering the fact that addiction has a high rate of comorbidity, faith can play an integral part in maintaining one’s mental health and a dual-diagnosis treatment regimen, ensuring that individuals don’t resort to using alcohol or drugs to treating symptoms of mental or emotional disorders.

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