Avoid Kindling and Go to a Detox Center Once

The first step in recovering from any drug addiction is drug detox treatment. This is often the hardest—and always the most dangerous—part of addiction treatment. So, it’s always recommended that addicts find a drug rehab with a detox center that can medically supervise their withdrawal.

But Only Go to a Detox Center Once!

With that being said, it’s important to say that every addict only needs to go through drug detox treatment once. Even though relapse is part of the disease of addiction, it doesn’t have to be. If you relapse and start using again, you can get physically hooked. Then, the next time you go to addiction treatment you will need to go to a detox center again. Repeated detox episodes can be very dangerous.

What Is Kindling?

This is due to something called “kindling.” Kindling is the result of multiple withdrawals of central nervous system depressants, especially alcohol and benzodiazepines. Each time an addicts withdraws at a detox center, their symptoms get progressively worse.

What Causes Kindling?

Without getting into too much of the complex science behind kindling, it is important to understand that drug withdrawal changes brain chemistry. It lowers certain chemicals in the brain, while increasing other chemicals in the brain. This prevents the brain from being able to deal with the symptoms experienced at a benzodiazepine and alcohol detox center.

What Are the Effects of Kindling?

Every repeated trip to the detox center damages the brain even more, and can lead to…

Seizures, which become more frequent and more severe, increasing the possibility of being fatal.

Psychosis, which can induce psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia.

Brain damage, which includes:

  • Symptoms similar to dementia
  • Inability to interpret facial expressions and function socially
  • Increased fear, anxiety, depression, and risk of suicide
  • Permanent and irreversible brain damage

Kindling represents a very good reason why you should only go to a detox center once. And you only have to detox once!

When you recover from alcoholism and addiction, you never have to go back as long as you stay committed to sobriety. Of course, if you do relapse, make sure to find a drug rehab that can give you drug detox treatment.

The point is not to say, “Only detox once.”

The point is to say, “Don’t relapse, so you won’t have to detox more than once.”

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