gratitude in recovery

Living in Gratitude: Take Your Sobriety to the Next Level

Being in the throes of active addiction is a very, very dark time. Even when a person is a so-called “functioning addict” who has managed to hang onto a job, a home, and his or her relationships, there will have undoubtedly been many effects from the chemical dependence, whether it’s the sudden feeling that life is meaningless or for some other reason that’s much more severe. 

 Until somewhat recently, there was a common misconception that the majority of addicts’ needs were either physical or mental with very little thought put into the potential emotional and spiritual effects, but one’s emotions and sense of fulfillment are an integral part of recovery.

Living in Gratitude Inspires Positivity

In particular, people in recovery are also encouraged to express their gratitude as it will help them to reinforce their newfound sobriety; therefore, the following are some the things about which recovered addicts could and should be thankful for because living in a state of gratitude will serve to strengthen or reinforce their recoveries. Here are a few things everyone can appreciate.

Be Grateful for Having Plenty of Food

People tend to take something as simple as food for granted, but there are millions and millions and millions of people in the world who don’t have enough food to eat. Food provides us with nourishment, which in turn helps us to function throughout each day. This is why feeling gratitude for having enough food to eat each day is a great way to strengthen one’s recovery.

Be Grateful For Clothing and a Place To Live

Similar to the many people who don’t have enough food to eat in order to maintain their health, things like clothing and shelter are also lacking for a number of people. Pictures of the homeless might be occasionally used as propaganda for one of a number of charities, but that doesn’t negate the fact that having ample clothing and a home is something to which too many people could only dream. Therefore, being thankful and grateful for having a home and clothing to wear is a great way to keep one’s mind focused on the positive things in his or her life and recovery.

Be Grateful for Loved Ones

Humans have a much more complex social system than any other species, which is something that makes us unique. We not only get close to our blood relatives but with a slew of other people to whom we’re not even related. In short, we create relationships with others that we come to depend on for one reason or another, making many of these people nearly as important as the families into which we are born. In recovery, a person’s loved ones are often the majority of his or her support network, helping him or her to not only get sober but to achieve a long-lasting sobriety. As such, it’s essential to be grateful for loved ones because it’s oftentimes only with their help that many addicts are able to remain abstinent and sober for an extended period of time.

Be Grateful for All 5 Senses

Think about what it would be like to be without a sense of sight. Or taste. Or hearing. Or touch. Or smell. All of our senses are what allow us to perceive the environment. They’re as important to our survival as they are to our enjoyment and in differentiating the many experiences we’re having all the time. There are a number of people who are missing one or more of their senses, but they persevere. Therefore, being grateful for having all five senses while admiring and respecting those who don’t is another way to strengthen one’s sobriety.

Be Grateful for Dreams and Aspirations

Everyone has things to which they aspire or dreams that they have some type of success. For instance, one person could be dreaming of becoming rich and famous while someone else might aspire to invent something that completely change the world. In short, the possibilities are endless when it comes to dreams and aspirations. While in active addiction, most people lose sight of their dreams and goals, instead devoting more and more of their lives to alcohol or drugs. Upon getting sober, it’s natural to begin thinking about the next steps in one’s life or how to make some personal progress. In short, it’s good to be grateful for these dreams and aspirations, especially since they can be great motivators for sustaining one’s sobriety.

Be Grateful for Having Learned From the Past

No matter who a person might be or where he or she came from, everyone has made mistakes. Some of them are big while others are small; some have affected many other people while others affect only the individual him or herself. While many of us may have major regrets about the past, it’s not healthy to dwell on or obsess over them. For one thing, nobody can go back and change the past. For another, even the biggest mistakes can be learning experiences, and in many cases, those learning experiences result in positive changes later on. As such, instead of obsessing over and feeling guilty for the past, those in recovery should be grateful for having had the chance to learn and become a better person from their pasts and the mistakes they made.

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