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Bills Address New Jersey Addiction Treatment

A few days ago, we posted an article on some new developments for New Jersey addiction treatment. There were efforts to provide better access to addiction rehab centers at both community and government levels. As was said then, addiction has become a part of life in New Jersey.

Drugs — especially heroin and painkillers such as OxyContin — have led to overdoses, broken homes, and hopelessness. More and more people are realizing that the need for New Jersey drug rehabs is more urgent now than ever. Today, there are more signs of hope for the Garden State, as the government just introduced 21 bills specifically geared toward providing addiction rehab centers.

Good News for New Jersey Drug Rehabs

At noon today, legislators held a press conference to introduce a package of bills that seek to push back against the state’s drug addiction epidemic. According to Joseph Vitale, these 21 bills will not only serve to give addicts more access to New Jersey drug rehabs. They will also shift the tone of our conversation on drug addiction: it’s not so much a law enforcement issue as it is a public health issue. These are all of the 21 bills that were introduced:

  1. S-2366 – requires doctors and physicians to fully disclose the potential dangers and addiction of prescription drugs such as painkillers.
  2. S-2367 – deals with education and substance abuse awareness, especially by updating education programs with new information.
  3. S-2368 increases the funding for substance abuse prevention to $5 million.
  4. S-1998/A-3129 – requires physicians to enroll in the New Jersey’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Database.
  5. S-2029 – allows students to be surveyed on drug use and substance abuse, which would improve data collection and better facts and figures, etc.
  6. S-2369/A-2859 – extends “Project Medicine Drop”, locations where people can drop off unused medication (so it’s not stolen and/or abused).
  7. S-2370/A-709 – facilitates better awareness of safe drug disposal.
  8. S-2371 – collects information on drug overdose trends.
  9. S-2372/ A-1436 – creates a police task force to deal with the diversion and sale of prescription painkillers.
  10. S-2373 – requires the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services to rank New Jersey drug rehabs so addicts and their families can compare drug treatment center options.
  11. S-2374  increases Medicaid reimbursement, giving New Jersey drug rehabs incentives to take on poorer patients.
  12. S-2375 – allows mobile drug treatment centers to provide more care.
  13. S-324/A-2266 – creates a program to assist people navigate through insurance.
  14. S-2180/A-3450 – eliminates some insurance roadblocks to better care.
  15. S-2376 – allows for medical consultation by phone, reducing costs (because face-to-face is more expensive).
  16. S-2377 – requires New Jersey colleges to provide sober living housing options.
  17. S-2047 – gives Department of Human Services supervision over New Jersey drug rehabs.
  18. S-2378 – requires needle exchanges to give out the “overdose antidotes” (Naloxone).
  19. S-2379 – enrolls pre-trial drug offenders in Medicaid and gives them access to New Jersey drug rehabs supervised by the courts.
  20. S-2380 – improves access to addiction treatment in jail.
  21. S-2381 – revises addiction treatment in jail and NJ drug court programs with regards to medication such as methadone.

Twenty-one bills is a lot, and they’re just bills right now (they haven’t been signed into law yet). Nevertheless, anyone would agree that they’re all a step in the right direction for New Jersey addiction treatment. They discuss everything important — from law enforcement to prescription monitoring to education/awareness to insurance and Medicaid to harm prevention. In conclusion: no mater what happens, things are beginning to look bright for New Jersey.

Struggling With Addiction?

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