NEWS FIX — Man Swallows 110 Cocaine Packets Before Thailand to Australia Flight — Sept. 8

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Ill. Police to Launch Initiative to Help Drug, Alcohol Addiction

Police offers to launch new Heroin Initiative in Pekin, Ill.PEKIN, Ill. — On Sept. 6, in an effort to help fight the increasing heroin addictions, police officers introduced a new community-based program under the Heroin Initiative.

According to an article in the Journal Star, the new strategy will implement multipronged programs, including a Safe Passage Program, a treatment program that will help addicts if they bring their syringes and drug paraphernalia to the department without fear of arrest.

Other programs of the initiative, which was introduced back in January, allows every officer in the department to carry Narcan, a drug that reverses opioid overdoses.

Police Chief John Dossey said this program will incorporate a more encompassing approach to drug addictions in the city.

“Law enforcement alone is not the answer,” Dossey said in the article.
To read more about the Heroin Initiative, click here.

DEA to Ban Plant-Based Opioid Treatment Drug

AUSTIN, Texas — On Sept. 30, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will enforce the ban on kratom, a Southeast Asian plant that is gaining popularity in the US as an opiate and chronic pain treatment.

At the time of the ban, kratom will also join other Schedule 1 drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, and cannabis, which are categorized as dangerous drugs that lack medical use, according to MintPress News.

The DEA’s announcement is in response to recent and past controversy over the drug in both Asia and the US. While some praise the treatment qualities of the plant within opioid addicts, the DEA said there has been 15 kratom-related deaths in the US between February 2014 and July 2016.

In response to the ban, kratom supporters have started a petition using the hashtag #KratomSavesLives on Twitter.
To read more about the controversy over kratom, click here.

Walgreens to Partner with Ariz. Governor to Help Fight Opioid Addiction

Walgreens to implement drug-safety binsGov. Doug Ducey recently addressed a Phoenix Walgreens to discuss new efforts to address raising opioid and drug addictions.

Ducey, who has been involved with other treatment efforts in Arizona, partnered with Walgreens to implement safe medication-disposal bins at 18 Walgreens across the state. The bins will allow people to safely dispose of any leftover opiate-based painkillers and medication.

Ducey has also signed a bill to make Naxolone, an opioid overdose reversal drug, more widely available at Walgreens, according to an article in the Arizona Republic.

The bill will allow doctors to give people the drug with a prescription. They can either pay for it with cash or have it billed through their insurance.

“We will continue to work to curb the trend of addiction and continue to focus on those already suffering,” Ducey said in the article.

Chevy Chase Checks into Rehab for Alcohol Abuse

Chevy Chase checked into rehab for alcohol abuseYou may remember Chevy Chase as one of the premier comedians during the early days of Saturday Night Live.

Today, the 72-year-old star is still portraying his acting chops in upcoming films such as Dog Years. But his comedic talent isn’t the only thing that followed him from his heyday.

On Sept. 5, his rep confirmed to Us Weekly that Chase checked into the Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center in Minnesota for an alcohol-related issue.

Chase, who previously sought treatment in 1986 for a prescription painkiller addiction, is trying to “be the best he can be”, according to a statement from his reps, who addressed his treatment as a personal “tune-up.”

Europe Police Seize 2,000 Pounds of Cocaine in Banana Shipments

Spanish police officers and customs were recently able to intercept almost 2,000 pounds of cocaine hidden in a shipment of bananas, reports Business Insider.

After a five-month-long investigation by Spanish officers, they were able to seize the cocaine shipment from an international organization that exported drugs to Europe from South America via a Sevilla-based fruit company as cover.

Investigators homed in on the leader of the organization and, with international assistance, were able to discover the 1,984 pounds of cocaine hidden in the banana shipment, which moved from a Spanish port in Algeciras to the fruit company’s warehouse.

Three people have been arrested so far and Spanish authorities will continue to investigate the popular trafficking port. To read more about this drug bust, click here.

CNN: Man Takes 9-Hour Flight After Swallowing 110 Cocaine Packets

A 48-year-old Australian man recently admitted to authorities he was smuggling 2.4 pounds of cocaine in his stomach shortly after his flight landed from Thailand, reports CNN.

The man, who lives in Thailand, told police about his internal cargo after passing a baggage examination at a Sydney Airport.

He was later taken into custody, where he passed 46 pellets containing nearly a pound of cocaine. Police then took the man to the hospital, where another 64 pellets were removed, according to the article.

Australian Border Force Organized Crime Branch Acting Commander Lesley Dayton said the strange incident showed the “dangerous” lengths people will go to smuggle drugs.

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