NEWS FIX — Elephant Sedative-Laced Heroin Linked to 174 Ohio Overdoses — Sept. 1, 2016

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2 United Pilots Arrested on Suspicion of Being Drunk Pre-Flight

Two United Airlines pilots were recently arrested in Scotland and charged with being under the influence of alcohol by Scottish authorities shortly before they were supposed to fly a plane from Glasgow Airport to Newark International Airport in New Jersey, NBC News reports.

Authorities said the pilots violated Section 93 of the UK’s Railways and Transport Safety Act, which says the blood-alcohol level of a pilot preparing to fly cannot exceed .02. Authorities did not disclose the pilots’ blood-alcohol levels. Passengers waited nearly 10 hours while the airline searched for a replacement crew. The pilots were freed on bail Monday in a Scottish court and are waiting for a second court date. Read more here.

Authorities: Fla. Man Took Synthetic Drug Before Attacking Woman, Son at Home

A Florida man is accused of attacking a woman and her adult son in their Martin County, Fla., home, after smashing through a front window at their house. Authorities told the Sun-Sentinel that Nico Gallo, 19, said he was on a synthetic drug when he attacked the pair. Gallo is facing charges and recently apologized to the family for the incident.

This is the second attack of this kind in Martin County in the past two weeks. In the other case, Austin Harrouff, 19, is accused of beating and stabbing a couple to death at their Martin County home before biting off pieces of the dead man’s face. Harrouff is believed to have been on a designer drug at the time of the attack, but as of press time, authorities report they are still waiting for toxicology tests from the FBI to see if there were any drugs in his system, according to the Palm Beach Post. Click here to read more and here, too.

Study: New Drug Can Offer Relief Without Opioids’ Addictive Effects

Scientists have tested a new drug called BU08028 on rhesus monkeys, saying it could provide chronic pain sufferers with relief like that of opioid drugs minus the side effects and addiction risks, according to recently published research in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Researchers say the drug is “highly expected to work in humans” because of the similarities between human and monkey brains. Testing the drug on people could begin in the next two years, the study’s lead author said. Read more about the new drug here.

Meth Residue Found in 6 of Baltimore’s streams

BALTIMORE — Methamphetamine and amphetamine residue is turning up in streams across the Baltimore area and directly affecting the area’s marine life, according to a recently published study.

Residue levels were particularly high in urban areas, scientists reported, after testing water samples from six streams in and around the city. Researchers are concerned the residue will contaminate plants and insects eaten by larger animals farther up the food chain, which can also get sick. They also are concerned the drug chemicals could eventually find their way into people’s drinking water supply.

Human waste containing intact drug chemicals could be entering the streams through an aging, leaky water infrastructure. Wastewater treatment plants are unable to break down all the chemicals in feces, but that’s only one way the residue is contaminating the water supply there. Read more here.

Ex-Mets Player Darryl Strawberry Takes Doc Gooden Rehab Plea Public

Baseball great Darryl Strawberry is trying to persuade his former New York Mets teammate Doc Gooden to enter rehabilitation for what Strawberry says is a cocaine addiction, something Gooden refutes, several media outlets report. Strawberry told the New York Daily News recently that Gooden is “a complete junkie-addict,” and that he has been trying to talk with his friend behind the scenes to get him into a drug treatment program.

Gooden responded to Strawberry’s comments in another New York Daily News article, calling Strawberry’s concerns about him “unreal.” The two players recently appeared together on ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary titled Doc & Darryl. To read Gooden’s reply, click here.

Wis. Families Share Details of Loved Ones’ Overdose Deaths in Obituaries

PORTAGE, Wis. — The relatives of people who died from heroin and opioid overdoses are addressing the stigma of addiction by publishing candid, detailed accounts of how their loved one died within the person’s obituary.

The goal is to honor the memory of the deceased while educating people who are struggling with the disease and encouraging them to get help. “I’ve been very open about it. We need to talk about it,” Patty O’Rourke of Madison, Wis., told WiscNews when speaking about recently losing her son, Phillip Wilcox, to a heroin overdose. Click here to learn more about the families’ recovery efforts.

Record 174 Overdoses in Ohio Linked to Powerful Elephant Sedative

A single batch of heroin cut with the opioid tranquilizer carfentanil, which is 10,000 times stronger than morphine and given to elephants and other large animals, is thought to be responsible for a record 174 overdoses that happened in the Cincinnati area during a six-day period, reports the Washington Post. Local, state, and federal authorities are investigating the source of the deadly substance, but so far have not found the source. Click here to read more.

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