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NEWS FIX – Delphi’s “Inspiring Wellness” Scholarship Offers Free Treatment – Sept 22, 2016

News Fix is a weekly feature on Drug Treatment Center Finder that brings you the top stories in addiction and recovery in a quick, easy-to-read format. This roundup will give you the latest news from all over the world and maybe even in your neck of the woods, so be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Obama Announces National Heroin and Opioid Awareness Week

Last week, President Obama issued a proclamation with the US Department of Justice (DOJ), announcing that Sept. 18-24 is to be designated as National Heroin and Opioid Awareness Week.

Regarding it as a “week of action,” the DOJ aims to raise awareness and “prevent new victims from succumbing to addiction; to highlight the department’s ongoing commitment to holding accountable traffickers and others responsible for this epidemic; and to help provide treatment to those grappling with addiction,” according to reports by Occupational Health & Safety.

With 70 US attorneys scheduled to host more than 160 events aimed toward the cause, the DOJ will be spreading awareness on drug overdoses and the national public health crisis all throughout this week. For more information, read the article here.

Internet Addiction May Be Indicative of Other Mental Health Issues

smartphone addictionA study by the McMaster University in Canada surveyed students and found a correlation between internet addiction and other mental illnesses.

Professor Van Ameringen and his research group conducted both the 1998 Internet Addiction Test (IAT) and an updated test, which factored in modern smartphone technology and new addiction criteria, on 254 students, as well as self-reported tests on general mental health. The results of the series of tests found that while 33 met the standards for internet addiction under the IAT, 107 students “met the criteria for problematic internet use” and were more prone to having “significantly higher amounts of depression and anxiety systems, problems with planning and time management, greater levels of attentional impulsivity as well as ADHD symptoms,” according to the Jamaica Observer.

“This leads us to a couple of questions,” said Professor Van Ameringen. “Firstly, are we grossly underestimating the prevalence of internet addiction and secondly, are these other mental health issues a cause or consequence of this excessive reliance on the internet?

“This may have practical medical implications. If you are trying to treat someone for an addiction when in fact they are anxious or depressed, then you may be going down the wrong route. We need to understand this more, so we need a bigger sample, drawn from a wider, more varied population.”

For more information on the study, read the article here.

Chipotle Exec Returns to Company After Cocaine Possession Charges

Mark Crumpacker, chief creative and development officer at Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., has returned to his position this month after taking leave to face cocaine possession charges and enter drug rehabilitation, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Crumpacker was placed on leave by Chipotle on June 30, after a news report named him as one of the customers in a “New York cocaine ring indictment,” though none of the alleged charges were said to occur during business hours. Chris Arnold, a spokesman for Chipotle, confirmed this after a company review.

“We are a better company with him than without him,” said Arnold.

For more information on Crumpacker’s return, read the article here.

Researchers May Be Making Opioids That Don’t Get You High

new opioid researchAccording to Business Insider, researchers may be on their way to developing opioid painkillers that don’t get people high.

“We have a chance here to actually separate analgesia [pain-relief] from euphoria [the ‘high’],” said Dr. Stephen K. Doberstein, senior vice president and chief scientific officer at Nektar Therapeutics, to Business Insider. “We should do that.”

Since 2010, “abuse deterrent” drug formulations have been FDA-approved, as in drugs that are designed to be difficult to melt, smash, inject, or snort. However, though they are difficult to ingest in any other way beyond orally, nothing prevents users from obtaining a high when swallowed. As such, Doberstein and other researchers have developed two potential drugs that could fight against opioid addiction: NKTR-181, an opioid that enters the brain too slowly to cause a high, and PZM21, an opioid that doesn’t trigger a dopamine response and thus has no high.

Both drugs are being tested on mice and do bring up the question as to how much of an effective painkiller medication they are, but the future may, in fact, bring in opioids that not only kill pain, but addiction, too. For more information on the experimental drugs, read the article here.

Pot, Crack, and Guns Found Above Day-Care Center

CHICAGO – Things you’d find at a daycare are probably baby bottles, cookies, and teddy bears—not pot, crack, and guns. Yet, lo and behold, Chicago police found all of these not-so-kid-friendly items: a 9mm pistol with more than 50 rounds of ammo, $1,051 in cash, 375 grams of marijuana, and 63 grams of raw crack-cocaine, all totaling to more than $10,000 in street value.

Not your average show-and-tell for the kids.

The bust occurred on Friday, Sept. 16, 2016, with a suspect in custody and charges pending, said police to Patch, Beverly-Mt. Greenwood division. For more information on the bust, read the article here.

Delphi Behavioral Health Group Offers Free Treatment through Scholarship

inspiring wellness scholarshipIn honor of National Recovery Month, Delphi Behavioral Health Group is offering an opportunity to receive free treatment through their “Inspiring Wellness” scholarship, according to their website.

Those interested may submit an 800- to 1,000-word essay, covering a variety of questions about their addiction and goals for treatment and recovery. Only one applicant will be chosen to receive treatment for 90 days and must be willing to submit before and after interviews. Deadline to submit an essay is 5 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 30, 2016.

“Delphi Behavioral Health Group was created with the goal of treating addiction at its essential core through comfortably appointed facilities,” said Delphi on its scholarship page. “We offer those suffering from substance abuse the tools to turn their lives around. We understand how difficult it can be to battle addiction alone and how it can be to choose the treatment center for you. Out staff is ready to help you through this time.”

For more information about the “Inspiring Wellness” scholarship, visit Delphi’s page here.


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