Nicotine & Tobacco Addiction

The first people to isolate the chemical nicotine were two scientists in Germany. In 1828, they discovered how to separate nicotine from the tobacco plant in which it was found. At first, they considered it a poison — and it turns out they were right! Nicotine and tobacco are actually toxic to our bodies. Moreover, they are poison in the sense that they damage everything around them: from a person’s lungs and teeth to their bank account and livelihood.

Tobacco is actually considered the 3rd most addictive drug (behind heroin and crack cocaine). At 90%, it also has the highest rate of relapse among addicts. That means that smokers are more likely to relapse on cigarettes than heroin addicts are to relapse on heroin! It is so addictive and hard to quit because it effects our brains in exactly the same way as other drugs. Like alcohol, cocaine and heroin, nicotine triggers the reward center in our brain, making us feel a sense of calm and euphoria. We may not get “high” on smoking cigarettes like we do on smoking crack cocaine. However, every tobacco addict feels a sense of relief once they inhale a cigarette or pack some chew — that’s addiction, plain and simple.

There are many reasons a tobacco addict might want to quit, and addiction is first and foremost among them. No one likes to be dependent on another substance, and tobacco in all its forms quickly becomes expensive. But the price that addicts pay in money only scratches the surface. Their bodies — lungs, throats, mouths, and hearts, among other parts — are often damaged beyond repair. Tobacco addicts get cancer and emphysema. They have trouble sleeping because nicotine stimulates the central nervous system. Their teeth turn yellow and their clothes, houses and cars smell unbearable. The only way to end all of this is to stop the cycle of tobacco addiction.

Addiction to tobacco and nicotine deserves the same care that any other addiction does. To to find a treatment center that will attend to your addiction, call 877-968-6682 today!