halfway house

What Is a Halfway House?


Achieving sobriety is only part of the victory of getting your life back again after addiction. Maintaining it is the other part, and support is needed to help people in recovery bridge the gap between where they once were to where they want to be. Fortunately, there are several housing arrangements that allow them to […]

health insurance

I Don’t Have Health Insurance… What Now?


There’s been a number of people who have resigned themselves to remaining in active addiction because they don’t have health insurance and can’t afford drug treatment. These individuals assume that overcoming addiction will require an addiction treatment program that they wouldn’t be able to afford, so they end up writing off the prospect of recovery […]

woman looking at Affordable Care Act enrollment form

Pay for Drug Rehab: Common Questions About Treatment Coverage


There are a wealth of resources available that inform people about the nature of addiction. In school, adolescents and teens are taught the dangers of alcohol and drugs and ways to resist the peer pressure. For adults, there are entire television shows that offer one cautionary tale after another, helping to divert many of those […]

bad crew of friends

Teen Marijuana Use: Causes and Effects


Despite recent legalization initiatives, studies of the effects on teen marijuana use are occasionally published, asserting that the drug is more toxic than most would believe. Additionally, it seems that younger populations are the most susceptible to any negative effects of marijuana, which is concerning due to the fact that adolescents and teens are still […]

12 days of sobriety

The Twelve Days of Sobriety


You’ve heard of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” so get ready for Drug Treatment Center Finder‘s “Twelve Days of Sobriety.” In light of the holidays, we have created our own recovery-themed interpretation of the famous Christmas carol. Instead of turtle doves and partridges in pear trees, our version includes working steps and second chances.  There […]

marijuana on top of money

War on Drugs: Marijuana’s Role in American History


When it comes to the war on drugs marijuana isn’t the obvious culprit. While Reagan made labeled the war on drugs on crack, it first started with weed. The United States has fought countless battles over the years. We fought England for independence in the Revolutionary War, we fought with ourselves over slavery in the […]

money and calculator

Can’t Afford Drug Treatment? Don’t Freak Out


If the reason you haven’t gone into rehab is because you can’t afford drug treatment, then it’s time to stop making money be an obstacle to getting your life back. It is shocking at how costly it is to attend a drug treatment center or rehab facility. Some residential facilities ask for thousands of dollars […]

elderly substance abuse

Elderly Addicts: Substance Abuse Among Seniors Growing


Abuse of prescription drugs among the senior population is one of the fastest -growing health concerns in the US. Older adults also have been found to suffer from alcoholism at rapidly increasing rates. Yet despite the rapidity with which the number of senior men and women suffering from these disorders climbs, the issue remains overlooked by the vast […]

benadryl relapse

Benadryl Relapse? Why It May (Or May Not) Be a Thing


I’ve heard a lot of questions asked by fellow addicts and alcoholics regarding certain aspects of recovery and sobriety – questions that, however sincere, I could deem nothing short of misguided. Most of these questions revolve around what exactly relapse entails, and how long one can dick around in the gray area before actually needing […]

sugar addiction

Sugar Addiction Is Not So Sweet


During the course of the past 10 years, scientists and addiction specialists across the nation have been carefully studying the affects of sugar on the brain after innumerable individuals have come forward claiming that they are addicted to sweets. The results have been somewhat shocking to many. Studies have shown that sugar very likely affects the […]