addiction recovery app

Addiction Recovery: There’s An App For That


Indiana University of Pennsylvania senior Ryan Brannon was concerned by the number of young people suffering from addiction but avoiding seeking treatment based on long-standing stigmas attached to chemical dependency. Several of the college students’ own close friends had experienced drug addiction and alcoholism – and despite having no personal experience with addiction himself, Brannon knew […]

AA cult

AA: America’s Favorite Cult?


Claiming that an organization that has unquestionably improved and saved innumerable lives is in any way a cult – a word with harshly derogatory connotations – will predictably stir up quite a bit of controversy amongst its members. Therefore, I will avoid stating outright that Alcoholics Anonymous is a cult; partially to avoid a wholly […]

reasons for sponsors

5 Reasons Why Having a Sponsor Is Essential


In the not-so-distant past, addiction was widely believed to be a moral affliction rather than a disease. Today, we have the benefit of years of research, which have afforded a much better, more enlightened understanding of addiction. We’ve realized that addiction is actually a chronic, progressive brain disease for which there’s no cure. Originating in […]

serenity challenge

The 30-Day Peace + Serenity Challenge


Whether you’re looking to find peace and serenity in means to support your recovery, sobriety or just overall happiness in life – we’ve spoken to hundreds of folks living a spiritually fit life who follow a handful of basic principles. Peace and serenity do not come externally, they come from within! Those who seek it […]

employee drug abuse

How to Seek Addiction Treatment and Keep Your Job


When a person develops an addiction, it typically comes at a very high cost. Many addicts lose their relationships, financial independence, jobs, homes, or ever their lives. With substance abuse becoming an increasingly central part of one’s life, all of one’s other responsibilities become much less important, falling by the wayside until they’re lost or […]

Ryan Knight

MTV’s Ryan Knight Dies from Apparent Drug Overdose


If you are a fan of MTV’s hit prime time shows The Real World or The Challenge, then chances you are that you have probably heard of the recent loss of Diem Brown to ovarian cancer earlier in November. But even more recent is the sudden, tragic loss of Ryan Knight to an apparent overdose […]


Twin Town Treatment Center Addiction Counselor Sued for DUI


On November 24, 2012, Sherri Wilkins—a 52-year-old alcohol and drug about counselor employed by Twin Town Treatment Center in Torrance, CA—was about to leave work when she decided to have a few drinks before driving home. She drank three single-serving bottles of vodka and a can of beer before pulling out of the rehab’s parking […]

nc heroin

North Carolina Drug Rehab: A Solution to the Heroin Problem


Looking for a North Carolina drug rehab? Let Drug Treatment Center Finder help you with your search. With heroin being the most concerning substance due to what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has referred to as a “heroin epidemic,” individuals who commit crimes for reasons related to their heroin addictions stand to […]

heroin addict in a dark alley depressed

Drugs Killing Teens: Butane Hash Oil, MDMA, and Krokodil


There are three new drugs killing teens in the United States. Today’s youths and adolescents are able to access and experiment with substances that are increasingly dangerous, oftentimes causing grave and unforeseen consequences. Therefore, the following will name and describe some of the most popular and dangerous substances to emerge since the days of Dazed […]

health care corruption

Rehab Fraud Reason for NYC Drug Center Shutdown


In October 2014, some NYC drug treatment centers were shut down for rehab fraud, which sparked the question: Does this happen often? It’s widely believed that an addict can’t be forced into recovery; he or she must choose to beat the addiction on his or her own. If a person is forced into treatment, it’s […]