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North Carolina Drug Rehab: A Solution to the Heroin Problem


Looking for a North Carolina drug rehab? Let Drug Treatment Center Finder help you with your search. With heroin being the most concerning substance due to what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has referred to as a “heroin epidemic,” individuals who commit crimes for reasons related to their heroin addictions stand to […]

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Drugs Killing Teens: Butane Hash Oil, MDMA, and Krokodil


There are three new drugs killing teens in the United States. Today’s youths and adolescents are able to access and experiment with substances that are increasingly dangerous, oftentimes causing grave and unforeseen consequences. Therefore, the following will name and describe some of the most popular and dangerous substances to emerge since the days of Dazed […]

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Rehab Fraud Reason for NYC Drug Center Shutdown


In October 2014, some NYC drug treatment centers were shut down for rehab fraud, which sparked the question: Does this happen often? It’s widely believed that an addict can’t be forced into recovery; he or she must choose to beat the addiction on his or her own. If a person is forced into treatment, it’s […]

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Why Drug Rehab Centers Need Case Management


Proper case management ensures smooth transition into life after treatment for clients. There’s more to drug treatment than being in rehab for 30 to 90 days. While therapeutic counseling and group sessions will help clients mentally, the practicality of case management will help them maintain structure in their daily lives. Recovering addicts tend to be […]

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Energy Drinks and Alcohol: A Dangerous Combination


Mixing energy drinks and alcohol can have severe, dangerous side effects. Caffeine is a substance that produces minimal effects except for hyperactivity, but when combined with other drugs can prove to be too overstimulating for the heart, brain, and body. Since 2012, the most popular substance to combine with energy drinks has been alcohol, but […]

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Rehab Drug Screening: Why Do Treatment Centers Do It?


Many have wondered why a rehab drug screening is necessary for clients for. One of the obvious benefits of an inpatient program is that is separates people with substance abuse problems from the people, places, and situations that would likely tempt them to continue their substance abuse.  Well, if you’ve ever wondered why rehab drug screening occurs, […]

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How to Find an Alcohol Rehab Center


The process of finding the right alcohol rehab center can be daunting. This isn’t the type of thing that most people are going to naturally know, making it important for there to be informative resources available for anyone trying to find the right rehab for a person’s recovery needs. Additionally, it’s often particularly difficult to […]

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What a Rehab Finder Can Do for You?


If you’re looking for quality addiction treatment but feel lost in the search engine’s endless lists of results, a rehab finder like Drug Treatment Center Finder can connect you with the right resources and make recovery closer to a reality. There are so many rehabilitation programs available, yet why does it seem like so few […]


Excessive Alcohol Use Is Not Alcoholism, Says CDC


Excessive alcohol use is almost universally considered to be the original addiction. Humanity’s complicated relationship with alcohol goes back thousands of years, but for the majority of this time alcoholism wasn’t a widely known or recognized issue. Alcohol consumption and even binge drinking was common, but it was viewed as a voluntary behavior until relatively recently […]

Cocoa Beach Drug Rehabs for Addicts

Cocoa Beach Drug Rehabs for Addicts


Addiction is a disease that has affected the entire demographic spectrum. And although it’s progressive and incurable, it can be treated. Nobody who becomes an addict has to remain in that state indefinitely. There are a variety of addiction treatments and recovery resources at Cocoa Beach drug rehabs available to those who have become physically or psychologically […]