Do Alcohol Rehabs Actually Differ from Drug Rehabs

Do Alcohol Rehabs Actually Differ from Drug Rehabs?


Many have wondered whether alcohol dependence and drug addiction can be treated in much the same way or if they require separate treatments at separate facilities. Despite the underlying similarities between alcohol addiction and drug addiction, the risks that are associated with each type of substance abuse can differ significantly. The severity of the addiction […]


Should Treatment Centers Use Suboxone?


The disease of addiction is very complicated and all-consuming, causing both physical and psychological deterioration to men and women of all ages, from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, and from all over the world. When a person begins abusing alcohol or drugs, the self-destructive habit quickly begins taking over the individual’s life. As he or […]


Don’t Let a Drug Rehab Myth Stop You From Getting Treatment


Too many people who need addiction treatment don’t get it because they believed in some drug rehab myth. According to statistics, roughly 1 out of every 10 Americans over the age of 12 is currently suffering from addiction. Yet only about 1 in 10 addicts receive any sort of treatment for their addictions, indicating just […]

drug progression

How Drug Use Progresses from Liking to Craving to Addiction


An addict may start off with recreational drug use, but then come to form an active addiction. Despite being completely aware of the risks, each substance abuser believes that they will be able to maintain control of their substance abuse. They believe they are able to stop before becoming addicted. Unfortunately, that’s very rarely the case. […]

spoon of heroin being liquefied for injection

How Drug Rehab Centers Treat Heroin Addiction


Now more than ever is necessary to treat heroin addiction, especially with so much of the country being heavily affected by the drug. While there’s no such thing as a “safe” drug, there are some substances that are inherently more dangerous than others. A substance like marijuana isn’t really lethal while narcotics like heroin and […]

family therapy

How Family Therapy Can Help You


Addiction is very unique and complicated compared to most other diseases. While many diseases are either physical or psychological, addiction has attributes of both, affecting individuals on physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual levels. However, it wasn’t until relatively recently that we actually began to understand this very complex illness. The recovery methods we utilize […]

what a girl wants

What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs


My Name Is Fiona, and I’m an Addict It took me far too long to say those words. It took me even longer to mean them. My road to recovery from substance abuse began the first time I made myself vomit. See, before I could imagine getting better, I had to get worse. Growing up, […]


8 Reasons Why Dating 12-Step Newcomers Is a Terrible Idea


The recovery journey is an incredibly emotional time. While in active addiction, people often numb themselves or dilute their emotions with alcohol and drugs; therefore, early recovery often involves a flood of emotions that may take a while to stabilize. In fact, it can take months or even years to find one’s emotional equilibrium. However, […]

gender-specific rehab

5 Reasons to Consider Gender-Specific Rehab


Nobody ever intends to become an addict. In fact, many substance abusers continue to believe they’ll be able to stop their consumption behavior before they become fully addicted. However, the point of no return quickly comes and goes as substance abusers become full-blown addicts. Fortunately, addiction is a treatable illness with addicts having a number […]

binge drinking

Binge Drinking: What It Is & Why It’s a Problem


There are many substances to which a person might become addicted. They range from the legal to the illegal with there even being a couple that lie somewhere in between such as marijuana and prescription drugs. Additionally, there are a number of behaviors that have been found to be quite addictive and wield the potential […]