Florida Halfway Houses

Florida Halfway Houses to Be Regulated


The development of an addiction involves a rather complete transformation with the individual experiencing a deterioration of physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health. However, addiction doesn’t develop overnight. Becoming an addict is a confluence of an individual’s choices and behaviors over a period of time. Before becoming an addict, an individual must first be an […]

addiction treatment gap

Addiction Treatment Gap: How Can We Fill It?


Addiction is a disease that’s very much unlike any other. While most other diseases are either physical or psychological in nature, addiction is one that’s actually both, or somewhere in between. Being so unlike other illnesses poses a very specific problem, which is that there’s no definitive, singular way to treat the disease of addiction […]

Florida Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Model

Florida Drug Addiction Treatment Model: Pros & Cons


Nowhere has there been so much growth in the addiction recovery field as in Florida. Individuals from the farthest corners of the country — and even the world — head to Florida when they’re suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction and in need of effective treatments to recover. The sheer number of treatment facilities rival […]

what rehabs centers do

Wait, Drug Rehab Centers Won’t Keep Me Sober?!


One of the biggest myths about drug rehab centers is that they are responsible for keeping you sober. By this logic, if you go to a treatment center and relapse, it is their fault and not your own. Anyone who fails to stay sober must have gone to a bad treatment center. This couldn’t be further […]

new to recovery

5 Life Hacks for Those New to Recovery


Those who are suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, or even one of a number of behavioral addictions have a variety of recovery resources available with which they can achieve lasting sobriety. Most experts have determined that the most effective way to become sober is to enroll in an inpatient or residential treatment program with one’s […]

Next Steps After Drug Addiction Rehab

After Drug Rehab… What Comes Next?


It wasn’t long ago that addiction was believed to be a moral affliction rather than a disease with addicts seen as sinners who were consciously selfish, whose actions and behaviors were self-serving. As a result, substance abuse was widely criminalized, which resulted in many individuals being thrown into prisons or insane asylums due to their […]

Drug Rehab Centers Close to Home

Drug Rehab Centers Close to Home: What Are the Pros and Cons?


Drug rehab centers close to home may seem like the obvious starting place for people looking to get addiction treatment, but not everyone can benefit from staying in the same city they started using. Addiction treatment doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all method, so it’s important to consider personal factors of the potential client when researching for […]

8 Great Movies About Addiction

8 Great Movies About Addiction Available to Stream Now


Most people’s perceptions of addiction come from the most extreme cases that they hear about in news reports; however, this doesn’t give an accurate portrayal of what it’s like to live in the throes of active addiction. Instead, these reports inspire more judgement and discrimination rather than empathy and understanding. While the news may be […]

chronic pain and rehab

How Do Drug Rehabs Deal with Chronic Pain?


There are many reasons why a person might begin abusing alcohol or drugs. Many individuals begin their recreational substance abuse due to using alcohol or drugs to cope with pain, whether emotional or physical. In terms of the latter, it’s actual the treatment of physical pain with highly addictive opiate painkillers that caused such an […]

lines of cocaine

How Cocaine Affects the Brain


The following will be a concise discussion of cocaine use, explaining what the substance is, its effects on the brain, and why it’s a difficult addiction to overcome. What Is Cocaine? Mind-altering substances are divided or categorized into different classes according to their effects. While heroin and painkillers are opioids and alcohol is a depressant, […]