Free Rehabs vs. Luxury Rehabs

Free Rehabs vs. Luxury Rehabs: What’s the Difference?


The disease of addiction is a very complicated affliction, especially when compared to other diseases. It’s neither a physical nor a psychological disease, but rather somewhere in between. It is also a disease that affects an individual’s family nearly as much as the addict him or herself, which is why it’s often referred to as […]

How Alcohol Abuse Can Kill Your Love Life

10 Reasons Why Being an Alcoholic Will Kill Your Game


There are many couples who met during college at this party or that bar, married within a few years of dating, and have since had a beautiful relationship with a couple kids as proof of the pudding. Alcohol might relax individuals with social anxiety and make even the shyest guys less inhibited, alcohol can also […]

legalizing marijuana

Marijuana Legalization: What the Debate Is Missing


It is only in the last few decades that we have even begun to tackle the concept of addiction. Prior to our deeper understanding of the disease of addiction, it was a long-held belief that those who suffered from this plight were handicapped in some way. Whether they were believed to be of low moral […]

How Alcohol Affects the Brain

How Alcohol Affects the Brain


There are many substances to which a person can become addicted. Of the many substances to which a person could become physically and psychologically dependent, alcohol is widely considered to be the original addiction. Our history with alcohol can be traced back several thousands of years and includes times when it was more acceptable to drink […]

Dependence vs Drug Addiction

Dependence vs Drug Addiction: Do I Need Addiction Treatment?


Addiction is a very complicated, almost enigmatic disease that we’re only recently beginning to understand. It wasn’t too long ago that the consensus was that addicts were simply being willfully selfish and self-destructive. In short, they were merely being bad people and having a problem with alcohol or drugs was seen as a moral affliction. […]

best addiction treatment

Basic, Better, and Best Treatment for Addiction: Know the Difference


Finding the best treatment for addiction can be difficult. Drug Treatment Center Finder has the resources to help you find the best drug or alcohol drug rehab to help you toward recovery. To learn more about treatment for addiction, read the article below.  The development of an addiction robs even the most good-natured and honest […]

schizophrenia in alcoholics

Symptoms of Schizophrenia in Alcoholics


Since addiction has many psychological symptoms, many have wondered whether it could be caused by mental disorders, especially when recognizing symptoms of schizophrenia in alcoholics.. Conversely, one might also wonder if it’s not an addiction that’s the result of some other, preexisting affliction. Moreover, there’s evidence to indicate some possible relationship or correlation between alcoholism and […]

opioid epidemic

The Opioid Epidemic and Pain Medication Addiction: An Origin Story


As another year progresses, the opioid epidemic in the US wages on, claiming on average 120 lives per day. Opioids have overtaken gun violence and car crashes as a leading cause of death. As addicts and non-addicts alike stand in awe of the power these drugs possess, we are left to wonder: How did this […]

US Heroin Epidemi

The US Heroin Epidemic: How We Got Here and What Next


An increasing focus has been chronicling the addiction epidemic, particularly the heroin epidemic as it’s been referred to by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The following will serve as a concise recounting of the heroin epidemic, explaining how it is that heroin addiction has become such a major problem in the United […]

celebrity sobriety

Guess How Many Years Sober These Celebrities Can Claim


In recent years, rates of alcohol and drug addiction have continued to climb, causing profound deterioration to those who become addicted, leaving tragedy and heartache in their wakes. However, despite the infatuation that many have with the concept of celebrity, the fact remains that Hollywood’s A-listers are, unfortunately, not immune to the recent addiction epidemic. […]