family support

5 Ways Family Members Can Help Their Alcoholic Loved One


Knowing how to help your alcoholic loved one can be difficult, especially when alcohol consumption–even to excess–is still relatively nationwide accepted. Since alcohol is legally available to individuals of appropriate age, many underestimate the risks involved with enjoying alcohol. Although the majority of people who sometimes drink alcohol don’t develop problematic drinking behavior, the percentage […]

rock bottom

Do You Have to Hit Rock Bottom to Get Sober?


In many of the depictions of addiction, there’s often an emphasis on people who hit rock bottom and experience an overwhelming despair and desperation that are central to an addict’s daily life. For an addict, substance abuse becomes an imperative and one’s driving life force. In addition to the psychological dependency that comes with being […]

social media

Using Social Media in Recovery Helps Addicts Stay Sober


Using social media in recovery can feel like a vulnerable move for people newly entering sobriety, but it can also be the boost of confidence necessary to keep accountable. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can help build the kind of digital support system that can hold a recovering addict’s hand as they embrace […]

sex addiction films

Hollywood’s Idea of a Sex Addiction Film


Hollywood’s idea of a sex addiction film can border cliche and too sensationalized, but every once in a while, the movie industry gets it right. Drug addiction is a very serious disease that’s been portrayed in countless films such as Trainspotting, The Basketball Diaries, Permanent Midnight, and Requiem for a Dream to name only a […]

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Deal with Them

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Deal with Them


Many people who start using addictive substances have no idea how hard it can be to stop. But a sure sign of dependence on drugs and alcohol is what happens when the person stops using. When substances are regularly used, the body becomes dependent on them and builds up a tolerance for them. Users find […]

prescription drug addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction: Recognizing the Signs


Of the many mind-altering, addictive substances to which people can become addicted, one of the most dangerous is prescription medication, which is why it’s important to recognize prescription drug addiction as soon as possible. Like alcohol, prescription painkillers are legal drugs if they are obtained and used as they are intended. Unfortunately, painkillers are highly […]

stages of addiction recovery

6 Stages of Change in Addiction Recovery


Addiction is a unique disease. While it’s not a curable condition, addiction is treatable. Those who suffer from chemical dependency can overcome most of the effects of addiction to live a normal, healthy life.  To help treatment providers and therapists to better help patients suffering from addiction, alcoholism researchers Carlo C. DiClemente and J. O. Prochaska […]

drug rehab employees

How to Get Addicted Employees Into Rehab


The disease of addiction is unique compared to most other diseases. It’s neither entirely psychological nor entirely physical, but rather a combination of the two. With the disease of addiction attack an individual’s mind and body, it follows that the effects of addiction would be diverse and profound. In terms of the physical and health […]

gambling addiction

Gambling Addiction & the Brain


There are many different substances to which a person can become addicted. When one thinks of addiction, alcoholism and common drug addictions like cocaine and heroin addiction are usually what come to mind. With these types of addiction, an individual develops a tolerance, then a physical dependency, and then he or she is simply unable […]

history of rehab

A Brief History of Addiction Treatment & Rehab


We’re fortunate today to have the benefit of hindsight and decades of research. With our knowledge comes more effective treatments and the saving of hundreds, thousands, and even millions of lives. However, there are still many miles left to go. We may have a thorough understanding of the disease of addiction, but we’ve still barely […]