teen's drug addiction

How to Help Your Teen Battle Addiction


When I held my infant daughter in my arms, I envisioned a beautiful future for her. I had dreams of all that she could and would do, of how great her life would be, and how I couldn’t wait to see who she’d become. We parents know, though, that as time passes, we don’t get […]

quaalude effects

Quaalude Effects: The Drug Epidemic of the 1970s


The United States is currently in the middle of an epidemic of opioid addiction and overdose. However, this is not the only drug epidemic the country has ever seen. In the 1960s and 70s, a different drug was widely used by teens and young adults across America. So much so, that studies were performed in […]

porn addiction withdrawal

Porn Addiction Withdrawal Sparks Hot Debate: Is It Real?


Porn addiction withdrawal generally makes people scratch their heads, both average citizens and psychologists alike. Some would ask how such a passive activity like watching pornography could be addictive in the first place, while others would ask if it’s legitimate to compare cravings for porn with cravings for drugs and alcohol. There’s no official definition […]

ketamine infusion

Ketamine Infusion Therapy | Is Addiction a Side Effect?


Depression and chronic pain can put people at risk for drug abuse, hospitalization, and suicide, but a new and unlikely drug might be able to help. Ketamine infusion, the substance known for its use as a party drug and veterinary sedative, has shown some promise in treating major depression and curbing suicidal thoughts. Ketamine infusion […]

have an addiction

FAQs: Do I Have an Addiction?


Before people can begin their journey to recovery, they will have to ask themselves, “Do I have an addiction?” Denial is a major component of addiction, especially for people who also exhibit a lack of awareness on substance abuse. They may be unable or unwilling to accept the reality of having a substance abuse problem, […]


5 Street Drugs Parents Should Know About


Although substance abuse and addiction affect people from virtually everywhere, regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity or race, and socioeconomic background—research has shown that certain groups tend to experiment with substances and, therefore, develop addictions at higher-than-average rates. Parents and public officials continue to be concerned about adolescents and teens, one of the most high-risk […]

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“Drug Teeth” and Oral Hygiene: Can Your Smile Impact Your Recovery?


It’s no secret that oral hygiene and drug abuse don’t exactly go hand-in-hand. When in active addiction, caring for your teeth or health, in general, is the last thing on your mind. However, after we find ourselves seeking out recovery, we start to care about these things again. But by then, the damage is done […]

uber sued

Top Stories of Addiction: Uber to Pay $1.1 Million Fine for Drunken-Driver Complaints


According to NBC News, Uber is reportedly facing a $1.1 million fine in California for failing to handle “zero tolerance” cases against drunken drivers. In a complaint filed in April 2017 by California’s Public Utilities Commission, of the 2,047 complaints Uber received about drunken driving between August 2014 and August 2015, only 574 drivers were […]

Study: Opioid Addiction Crisis Affecting US Employers


The nation’s opioid epidemic reaches far and wide and no place is immune to it, and that includes the workplace. A recent report by the National Safety Council offers insight into US employers’ perceptions about prescription drug use and how it affects the workplace, and the policies they use to address it. According to the […]

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Teen Addicts Aren’t Getting Medications for Heroin Withdrawal


Teen addicts battling heroin withdrawal may not be getting the full addiction treatment they need, according to recent reports in the Journal of Adolescent Health. While 26 percent of adult patients addicted to heroin receive medication during treatment, only 2 percent of adolescents do, according to MedPage Today. Teen Addicts Face Obstacles to Get Methadone, […]