12-steps and harm reduction

The 12-Steps and Harm Reduction


The United States is currently in the midst of an opioid crisis. The number of people addicted to opioids as well as other drugs or alcohol is on a steady incline. Although many people are still in active addiction, there are a number of proven and effective methods available to treat addiction like the 12-step […]

5 TV shows that misrepresent alcohol use

5 TV Shows That Misrepresent Alcohol Use


Whether at the center of a show’s theme, or a casual prop to set a scene, alcohol plays a role in many TV shows, both old and new. From soap operas and sitcoms to detective series and reality shows, it seems as though alcohol use has become something we expect to see on our screens […]

addicted medical professionals

Addiction Among Health Care Professionals


Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, addiction treatment specialists, and other health care professionals (HCPs) are entrusted with the care of the people they treat, which includes those who are battling drug or alcohol addiction. But what happens when people in the medical field, who have been charged with the responsibility to take care of others, need help […]

eating disorders and addiction

Feeding the Hunger Within | Eating Disorders and Addiction


The United States is currently experiencing a crisis regarding the growing opioid epidemic. Substance abuse affects nearly 20.1 million Americans, all ranging in age. The rising numbers of individuals suffering from addiction in the U.S. alone are alarming. What’s more alarming is the number of individuals suffering from co-occurring disorders, specifically eating disorders. The comorbidity […]

drug addiction factors

Does Addiction Have Behavioral Tells in Children?


Since the mid-twentieth century, when psychoanalysis began to take off, we have been trying to figure out ways to predict behavioral health problems before they occur. For instance, psychiatrist J.M. Macdonald developed a set of three factors in 1963 known as the Macdonald triad that he claimed to indicate whether a child could become a […]

Couples Rehab

7 Reasons Why Couples Rehab Works


Climbing out of addiction to drugs or alcohol is an incredibly difficult and painful experience. Though on the other side of the battle comes a clean life, worth overcoming every hurdle, this lifelong journey toward sober living is one of the hardest things you will ever do. This is an especially difficult journey with family […]

PTSD and Addiction

How PTSD and Addiction Are Related


Comorbidity (two diseases occurring at once) is incredibly common with substance abuse. In fact, studies have shown that individuals with mental health disorders were twice as likely to have a substance abuse problem than individuals without such disorders. In that same vein, persons with substance use disorders were also twice as likely to have a […]

alcohol addiction treatment

Alcoholics of Different Shapes and Sizes


When you find an alcohol rehab, one of the most important things you must do is find the rehab that provides the right alcohol addiction treatment you need. Even though they each suffer from some form of alcohol use disorder, there are different types of alcoholics. Each kind will require different styles of alcohol addiction […]

prescription drug abuse facts

21 Shocking Prescription Drug Abuse Facts


For many, the phrase “drug abuse” brings to mind images of highly illegal substances being sold and used in back alleys and club restrooms. However, many would be surprised to find that one of the most dangerous drug problems we face today is that of prescription drug addiction. Over the last several years, there has […]

counsel a drug addict

12 Tips for How to Counsel a Drug Addict


One of the most painful and confusing experiences a person can go through is finding out a loved one is caught up in substance abuse and addiction. Once the addiction is known, the question goes from “What is going on?” to “Where do we go from here?” In attempting to answer that question, people tend […]