step 10 inventory

Step Ten: The Importance of Taking a Daily Inventory


There are many independent factors, seemingly unrelated, which contribute toward the development of an addiction. While it’s generally accepted that genetic factors play a part in some individuals’ addictions, one of the unique characteristics of chemical dependency is that it can also be affected by routine and your environment. That’s why taking a daily inventory […]

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Freedom in Making Amends: Steps Eight & Nine


The development of an addiction depends on the confluence of several disparate yet interconnected factors. For some, prior exposure to substance abuse—especially during one’s childhood—can mean being particularly susceptible to the development of chemical dependency. Others delve into the lifestyle of substance abuse due to the environment, which can mean being in a peer group […]

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Let Your Defects of Character Go: Steps Six & Seven


One doesn’t become an addict overnight. Although there can be biological or genetic components to the development of an addiction, there is also a cumulative nature to the disease, which means that it requires a confluence of factors in order to develop. For some, this can mean having grown up exposed to substance abuse or […]


Take Your Moral Inventory & Let It Go: Steps Four & Five


With addiction being an illness that causes such diverse and profound effects, the process of recovery must also be diverse in order to be effective. In other words, overcoming alcoholism and drug addiction means that an individual must address the physical dependency, mental and emotional damage, and spiritual changes that have resulted from living in […]

Higher Power

Steps Two & Three: Finding Your Higher Power


Addiction isn’t a disease that develops overnight. The development of addiction to alcohol or drugs occurs as a result of cumulative factors, which often entails being predisposed to dependency due to biology, environment, or circumstance. In short, this is a progressive, chronic disease that develops due to factors both within and without one’s control. However, […]


Taking Step One: Admitting Your Powerlessness in Recovery


People become addicted to alcohol and drugs for any number of reasons. For some, it begins as curiosity about recreational substance abuse and being enticed by intoxication. Others start out by taking it upon themselves to increase the dosage of medications prescribed for legitimate conditions, which results in the medicine being much less effective and […]


Workaholics: Not Just a TV Show


When hearing the word “addiction,” most think about alcohol and drug dependency, which conjures images of individuals who are unhealthy to the point of emaciation, unwashed and unkempt, having plunged themselves into lives of financial despair due to the high expensive of a daily substance abuse habit. Although alcohol and drug addiction represent a disease […]

Jail or Rehab

Jail or Rehab? Why Prison Doesn’t Cure Drug Addiction


Only relatively recently have we begun to see addiction as a disease of the brain, chronic and progressive and deadly. Some years ago, the consensus was that addicts were merely selfish, weak of will and character, substance abusers due to being bad people. As such, individuals who suffered from the disease of addiction were also […]

Early Recovery Relapse

7 Reasons Why People in Early Recovery Relapse


The disease of addiction can happen to anyone under a number of different circumstances. For some, the precursor to addiction involves abusing medication prescribed for legitimate conditions, rendering the medicine less effective as the body becomes increasingly dependent. Others become curious about recreational substance abuse, which leads them to embark on a journey of increasingly […]

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6 Signs That Your Teen is Abusing Drugs


When an individual becomes addicted to a chemical substance, he or she will begin experiencing a number of effects or symptoms; this includes the deterioration of one’s physical health and wellness, negative changes in behavior and social activity, and even a lack of enjoyment and fulfillment from life. As a disease, addiction damages every aspect […]