food addiction reality

The Scary Reality of Food Addiction


It used to be that addicts were thought to merely be selfish, self-serving individuals who were weak of character and will, overindulging in life’s pleasures. As a result, the most well-known addictions—to alcohol and drugs—were largely criminalized, resulting in many addicts receiving punitive treatments such as jail time rather than being encouraged to recovery. Moreover, […]

Relationship Between Suicide and Addiction

The Scary Relationship Between Suicide and Addiction


Nobody who experiments with substance abuse intends to become an addict. A common misconception that individuals have been the tendency to believe that they’re the exception to the rule of continued substance abuse inevitably resulting in addiction. Becuase suicide and addiction have been shown to have a strong connection, getting treatment for the addiction can potentially […]

Ohio TREAT Act

Ohio TREAT Act for Detox Treatment – Good News for Addicts


The disease of addiction has progressed from an unseen bacteria that subtly sickened society from within to a major scourge to humanity. Over the past several decades, more and more individuals are turning to substance abuse for a number of reasons; sometimes it’s to take treatment of painful conditions into their own hands or perhaps due […]

Five Most Dangerous Drugs

The Five Most Dangerous Drugs in the United States


Although it’s a disease with many contributors—biological or genetic, developmental, behavioral, social, and even circumstantial—addiction develops differently for everyone. Consequently, those who suffer from addiction tend to experience symptoms on a very individualized basis depending on a number of factors, including the individual’s age, length of time spent in active addiction, and even the substance […]

Drug Addiction in West Virginia

Addicts in West Virginia: Mothers & Babies


There’s a drug problem in West Virginia that is reaching epidemic proportions. Housewives are abusing medication, young women are addicted to painkillers, and both are giving birth to babies. Through no choice or fault of their own, many infants are born already addicted to narcotics. Their birth cuts them off from the drugs that inhabit their mothers’ […]

Sex Addiction

Sex Addicts: Same Addiction, Different Drug


The disease of addiction can take many, many different forms. When a person thinks of addiction, he or she tends to think of addiction to alcohol or drugs. With much of the world currently experiencing epidemic-level addiction rates—especially addiction to heroin and other dangerous opiates—the association of addiction with substance abuse is understandable. However, in […]

The Proactive Fight

Massachusetts’ New Plan for Beating Addiction


Although addiction has been an ever-present scourge on society for at least a century, the past few decades have seen rates of substance abuse and addiction skyrocket, both nationally and globally. Over the years, the most common substance to which addicts become dependent changes at irregular intervals. Since OxyContin became one of the most widely […]


What Makes Luxury Rehabs Different?


The disease of addiction is unique in that it affects individuals in a number of different ways. The physical, psychological, emotional, social, and even spiritual effects of alcohol and drug addiction are diverse and oftentimes profound with each addict manifesting a set of symptoms that may not reoccur in any other individual. For instance, some […]

Christian Recovery & Addiction

Christian Recovery & Addiction


The disease of addiction has had a momentous impact on our culture, affecting just about every square inch of the demographic spectrum. Unlike other diseases, addiction doesn’t cause deterioration of only one’s physical health, but rather causes devastation to every other facet of living: psychological wellness, social life, behavior, development, and so on. Moreover, the […]

free treatment

Free Treatment for Drug Addiction


Unlike most other diseases that occur either as a result of biology or due to contracting it in some way, the disease of addiction develops due to a confluence of contributing factors that can include biology or genetics, environment and circumstance, and even one’s development or behavior. What’s more, alcohol and drug addiction is a very […]