The Reality of Bath Salts in Florida

Sun, Sand, and Cannibalism: Bath Salts in Florida


By nature, alcohol and drugs are dangerous. When a person ingests large quantities of alcohol in a short period of time, he or she is at risk of alcohol poisoning, which can lead to coma and even death. Then there is the wide variety of drugs on the streets today, any of which can make […]

Rock Bottom for an Addict

Rock Bottom: Knowing When to Stop Digging


Addiction is a non-discriminating disease of the brain. Individuals of any age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic level can develop and suffer from a substance abuse disorder. As a potentially fatal affliction, addiction doesn’t care about an individual’s aspirations and goals, whether they have a family to care for or whether they’re the CEO of a Fortune […]

The Myth of the Functioning Alcoholic

The Myth of the Functioning Alcoholic


Addiction is a cumulative phenomenon that occurs when an individual continues a regular pattern of substance abuse over a period of time, becoming physically and even psychologically dependent in the process. We now understand addiction to be a chronic relapsing disease of the brain in which those who suffer from it are left unable to […]

Facing the Heroin Epidemic

Opioid Replacement Therapy: Good or Bad?


Although all drugs come with a certain risk of addiction, there are some found to be especially addictive compared to others. Among the most addictive substances are alcohol, tobacco, cocaine and crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and heroin. Due to the severity of addiction that stems most notably from opiates like heroin, the opioid epidemic has […]

Am I an Addict

Am I an Addict?


Nobody is born an addict. In fact, there are a number of people who socially drink alcohol or, in places where it’s now legal, smoke marijuana, but aren’t addicts. Recreational enjoyment of certain substances doesn’t definitively equate to a substance abuse disorder and addiction. What’s more, nobody who experiments with mind-altering substances—such as alcohol, marijuana, […]

Celebrate Recovery

Recovery Program Profile: What is Celebrate Recovery?


As a chronic relapsing disease of the brain, addiction has a profound effect on many aspects of one’s health and life. Often beginning with recreational substance abuse, addiction develops as the individual becomes physically and even mentally dependent on his or her substance or substances of choice. It’s been found that most mind-altering substances that […]

Creativity in Addiction

Creativity in Addiction | Are Addicts More Creative?


Although we’ve become fairly confident that there are genetic causes of addiction, we’re also certain that there are a number of genes that could possibly make an individual more susceptible to addiction. A more likely scenario is that in addition to genetic factors, addiction is the confluence of other contributors as well, including those that […]

The Pro's of Recovery

The Pros of Recovery: Recovery is the Beginning, Not the End


When an individual begins to experiment with substance abuse, it’s common for him or her to become seduced by a lifestyle of overindulgence and excess. Intoxication is appealing because it seems to enhance even the most mundane experiences. Instead of going to work sober, wouldn’t it be better and more fun to go to work […]

addiction kills

Addiction Kills (In More Ways Than One)


Addiction is classified as a chronic relapsing disease that most directly affects the brain. Due to the chemical, structural, and functional changes that occur in the brain as a result of substance abuse, addiction causes a number of profound changes for addicts. These changes include, but are not limited to, such effects as declining health, […]

The Myth of the 27 Club

The Myth of the 27 Club & Six Celebrities Who Are In It


Image Source: Sam Winder There most likely aren’t many stories that could be considered “addiction lore,” but the 27 Club could be considered one of them. For almost a century now, countless starry-eyed ingenues have packed up and moved to sunny California with the hope of becoming a famous movie star or a musician. However, […]