recovery cake

Recipe for Rehabilitation: If Recovery is a Cake, Treatment is the Flour


The journey toward addiction is different for everyone. For some, addiction begins as experimentation with substance abuse, perhaps with a legal substance like alcohol. A couple evening cocktails are fine until it’s not enough anymore. The social drinker develops a physical dependence on alcohol that leaves him or her in a state of sickness after […]

Choosing an Addiction Treatment Facility

4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Addiction Treatment Facility


People aren’t born addicts. Through a combination of biology, environment, and development, the disease of addiction grows out of substance abuse habits, becoming steadily more severe as individuals develop physical and even psychological dependency on alcohol and drugs. As substance abuse disorders degrade the physical health of those who have become dependent on alcohol and […]

Need For Weed

The Increasing Need for the Legalization of Weed


Many of the synthetic drugs on the street today were created in labs as researchers sought better and more effective drugs to treat a number of legitimate medical conditions. For example, cocaine was originally intended to treat narcolepsy while heroin was developed as chemists experimented with derivatives of the opium poppy, which include codeine and […]

Halfway Legal 2

Halfway Legal, Part 2: Identifying High-Quality Sober Living Facilities


Contrary to the common misconception, recovery isn’t complete upon one’s graduation from the initial inpatient or intensive outpatient addiction treatment program. Recovering from addiction is a lifelong process that involves continuous, sustained effort on the addict’s part. However, the good news is that over time, sobriety and abstinence become easier and easier as individuals get […]

Halfway Legal

Halfway Legal, Part 1: The Danger of Illegitimate Halfway Houses


Recovery is a broad term for the process through which an individual regains their sobriety and learns the skills necessary to maintain abstinence from alcohol and drugs for the long-term. There’s a lot of variety in the form that recovery can take, allowing individuals to choose the programs, therapies, and treatments that best address their […]

Drug Addiction as an Allergy

The Doctor’s Opinion: Addiction as an Allergy


Due to the vast number of ways that addiction affects the individual—bodily, psychologically, emotionally, behaviorally, developmentally, spiritually, socially, and so on—there have been numerous systems of thought regarding the factors that contribute to the development of addiction, how one suffers from the disease of addiction, and how or whether addiction can be treated. As a […]

How Kicking Addiction Changes Your Life

The Benefits of Sobriety


Over the course of addiction, an individual’s life becomes unspeakable difficult, unstable, unpredictable, and dangerous. Especially when the drug of choice is a narcotic or opiate, one’s health can take a rapid and almost instantaneous turn for the worse. Addicts often lose weight while becoming malnourished and emaciated. There are also a number of health […]

What is Shatter

“Shattering” the Cycle


Marijuana is often referred to as the “gateway drug” for being very accessible with effects that are considered milder than other more dangerous drugs and narcotics on the streets. However, the use of marijuana for a variety of purposes—recreational to medicinal—has been documented as far back as almost 5,000 years ago. The first written evidence […]

The Two Dollar Drug Bust

The $2 Drug Bust


On May 27th of this year, members of a SWAT team shot 29-year-old Jason Westcott dead in his Tampa home, and the local task force later retrieved a whopping $2.00 worth of marijuana from his residence. Yes, you read that correctly. The raid resulted in the seizure of two dollars worth of pot. Several months […]

The Differences Between Alcoholics and Hard Partiers

The Differences Between Alcoholics and Hard Partiers


Alcoholism is the original addiction. In fact, much of what we know about addiction today—including the underlying causes and mechanisms and even the treatments—is derived from our extensive study of alcoholism. As a disease like other addictions, alcoholism is attributed to functional and structural changes in the brain and, according to the World Health Organization […]