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How Drugs Help Terrorism


If you’ve bought any illegal drugs in the past 20 years, you’ve probably helped terrorists. It sounds like a hyperbolic statement, but as the facts conclude, it’s more likely that illegal drug sales have put more weapons into the arms of terrorists than anything else. The link may vary in severity depending on what kind […]

teen drug abuse

Drug Culture: Why Teenagers Find Drugs Appealing


Drug culture may, in fact, lead more teenagers to drugs than was previously thought. The culture behind drugs vary depending on the medium or source one searches about, but ultimately the facts remain the same. Teenagers and young adults may be finding drugs more attractive overall, simply through the failure of their own understanding of drugs. This […]

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Signs of Drug Addiction to Look Out For


When it comes to signs of drug addiction, they can be hard to spot. The severity of these signs vary person to person, but there is a series of signs applicable to most addictions. The following signs are more for addictions still in an earlier phase of the disease. For the more severe addictions, the […]

Herion overdose death now outpace gun violence

Heroin Overdoses Reach Record Numbers in Suburbia


There is a rise in the number of heroin overdoses and deaths of young white men in suburbia not seen since the end of the AIDS epidemic. The number of those deaths related to heroin overdoses has risen so far and so steadily, that it has offset much of the advances made in medical breakthroughs […]

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Falling From Sobriety: A Tale of Alcoholism in Japan


This is a story about a man falling from sobriety. Alcoholism is itself a war with sobriety. A battle where the lines of reality are blurred and boundary dissolving. This is about a plummet from sobriety to death. Meeting Sobriety From 2008 to 2010, I lived in one of Japan’s largest cities: Fukuoka. Every morning […]

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Warning Signs of Addiction Families Need to Recognize


Noticing Behaviors of An Addict An individual displays his or her addiction through a range of behaviors, mostly negative. The warning signs of addiction families need to recognize are vital in determining if your loved one is, in fact, an addict. For family members, the changes that occur in loved ones are quickly noticed. For […]

The Pittsburgh Pirates’ Cocaine Scandal


The Pittsburgh Pirates cocaine scandal remains the second biggest scandal in all of Major League Baseball (MLB) history. Through the drug trial, a federal grand jury found 20 different players guilty in the process. Of those 20, at least 11 were suspended and made to pay fines, participate in several hours of community service, and […]

fighting alcoholism

Fighting Alcoholism: My Personal Battle


I awake from my drunken stupor to another morning. My mouth dry and bitter, again I go through the motions in fighting alcoholism. Stumbling out of bed I go to the refrigerator looking for a cold water. To my surprise, I find a Gatorade that has been sitting there since last night. Taking long deep gulps, […]


What Is Krokodil and Where Is It From?


Krokodil, also known as desomorphine, has had a comeuppance in some of the strangest ways possible. Typically, most drugs that exist today were introduced to the public through various medical and alternate uses before they were recreationally abused, which led to them being outlawed. However, what makes krokodil so strange in this case, is how […]

Man going through withdrawals

Why Sleep Problems in Early Recovery Are Normal


People who are new to recovery face many challenges: They battle cravings, low energy levels, possible depression, and a rush of new and powerful emotions. They may be grieving in a sense, and may alternately feel exhausted, restless, anxious and fearful, or sometimes all of the above at once. Newly recovering addicts also experience sleep problems in early […]