Precovery: Making the Decision to Become Sober and End Your Addiction


“Precovery” is a moment in a person’s addiction when they come to a crossroad in their life and make the decision to become sober. For the first time in a long time, the addict is having clear revelations regarding the negative impacts of substance abuse in their life. The addict may realize they can no longer […]

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Sober New Year’s Eve Ideas That Let You Have a Blast


Having a sober New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be dull and uneventful. It can still be a joyous time of year when family and friends come together to celebrate the love and close bonds they have with one another. While it is customary to celebrate New Year’s Eve with plentiful amounts of alcohol, there […]

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Walk the Walk in Recovery: Do Aftercare Programs Right


It takes a little effort to be able to say you walk to walk in recovery–it’s not just abstinence and that’s it. Recovery requires work and genuine goal-setting. You want to proudly tell people you’re in recovery? Then you’re going to have to prove it. Once you leave the safety and support of drug rehab, […]

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Stay Sober: 5 Lessons for After-Treatment Success


To stay sober, most people in recovery will have to make a complete life change. During addiction treatment, most clients receive the tools and support they need to overcome their substance abuse and begin a new, healthier lives in recovery. Treatment will helps people become empowered to make positive changes in your life. Still, there is no […]

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3 Odd Tips for Staying Sober


If you’re looking for some tips for staying sober, then Drug Treatment Center Finder is going to point you in the right direction.  Everyone who becomes addicted needs certain things to win back their sobriety. For some, the needs are physical, such as getting proper help for a condition involving chronic pain. Others might have […]

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PCP Abuse Can Have Dangerous Side Effects on Brain


Escapism is common in our culture. Movies, music, videogames, and plays all help us step inside another world, leaving the stresses of everyday life behind for a while. But what if you could step outside of your own mind? That’s often what happens with a certain type of hallucinogens called dissociative drugs. Dissociatives are often […]

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How to Support Your Recovering Friend


When your recovering friend comes back from treatment, they will be in a vulnerable mental state. They’re scared, they’re ashamed, and they might feel alone. One of the essentials of a successful recovery is having friends to be supportive of the addiction recovery process. It’s important for recovering addicts to have the encouragement they need, […]

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Providing Addiction Treatment in Delaware


Addiction treatment in Delaware can be hard to find, which is a huge obstacle to overcome when there is nowhere else left to go for a person. The prospect of going from active addiction to recovery is intimidating to most addicts. Many of they see recovery as essentially embracing withdrawal symptoms, which they want to avoid […]

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Learn to Say No in Sobriety: Stand Up for Yourself


One of the hardest things a person needs to after rehab is learn how to say no. Although completing an addiction treatment program is never easy, it’s often said that the real work of recovery begins after getting out of rehab. In an alcohol or drug rehab, it’s not as difficult to resist the temptation […]

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Alcohol Consumption May Cause Some Regrets


It’s no surprise to anyone that alcohol consumption may cause a person to do some regrettable things in life. By all appearances, drinking alcohol would seem to be relatively harmless. After all, a substance that’s completely legal couldn’t be all that dangerous, right? That is what many people continue to tell themselves as they irresponsibly […]