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Rally 4 Recovery in Rhode Island

Rhode Island doesn’t make a big mark on the map of the United States, but it makes a HUGE mark on the map of addiction, and Rally 4 Recovery hopes to change that. At 17.2 per 100,000 people its drug mortality rate is well over the national average and is actually one of the biggest in the country. Most of RI’s drug problems are with one kind of drug in particular: opiates, both painkillers and heroin.

Since law enforcement and regulations have cracked down on prescription painkiller abuse, many opiate addicts have been turning to heroin for their fix. This past year saw a batch of heroin laced with fentanyl (another opiate) rip through New England, including through Rhode Island. The results have been tragic—the body count in RI doubled as heroin-related deaths climbed to 72 within only the few months of 2014. By September, that number has more than doubled.

Addiction Recovery in Rhode Island

RI also has one of the biggest gaps between addiction and addiction treatment. This means that it has a huge number of people who need drug rehab, but a small portion of people who get it. About 44,000 people are admitted into Rhode Island drug rehabs every year, but that’s not enough. With so much tragedy and despair, this state needs a pick-me-up. It needs a reason not to mourn addiction, but to celebrate recovery from addiction.

Rally 4 Recovery

The Rhode Island Rally 4 Recovery hopes to do just that. In a single sentence, Director of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals Craig Stenning captures the essence of celebrating recovery: “It’s important that people know recovery is possible.”

This means that it’s not enough to go to a drug detox and get physically well. It’s not enough to go to addiction therapy and get mentally well. It’s not enough to go to 12-step meetings and get spiritually well. Recovery means not only getting sober, but sharing your sobriety.

Commentators remark that the Rally 4 Recovery is about hope as much as it is about fun and fellowship. Politicians and journalists have focused too much on the dismal state of drug addiction in Rhode Island. They know about the Fentanyl-laced heroin, they know about the overdoses and deaths and all the horrific consequences of addiction. But they don’t know how many people have recovered from addiction — the people who have found treatment solutions for their drug problems, who have recovered with the help of drug detox and addiction therapy.

Held this past Saturday in Providence’s Roger Williams Memorial Park, Rally 4 Recovery hopefully restored hope to Rhode Island’s thousands of addicts. They ought to know that they are not alone — that help is available. Find your treatment solutions with Drug Treatment Center Finder today!