Health and Nutrition for Recovering Alcoholics

Years of chronic alcohol abuse takes a heavy toll on the body. Alcohol robs the body of the vital nutrients it needs to function properly, and the complications that can result from malnourishment can be severe and even life-threatening. When recovering alcoholics enter drug treatment, they receive valuable nutritional intervention and support along with other essential treatment services such as medical detoxification, therapy and life and coping skills training.

When a newly recovering alcoholic leaves drug treatment and returns to their home, they have fully regained their physical and mental health and have the foundations needed to create a new and healthy lifestyle that centers on recovery.

While completing drug treatment is a major accomplishment in itself, the real work in recovery begins once treatment has ended. When an individual who in new in recovery is thrown back into the stress of daily life and left to their own devices, they can fall back on old habits and they can exacerbate old health issues. Those who are in recovery from alcohol addiction require longer periods to heal, and following a proper diet is a must in order to repair and restore their health. In addition to healthy food choices, supplements also play a major role in helping recovering alcoholics get the nutrients they need for their bodies to function at their best.

The following are some of the essential supplements that recovering alcoholics and addicts need as part of their overall diet plan. If you are seeking more information on the role of supplements in the recovery process, contact the addiction professionals at Drug Treatment Center Finder toll-free today.

Recovering Alcoholics Need These Essential Supplements


When recovering alcoholics are regaining their physical health, the nutrient they need the most is thiamin (B1). Also known as thiamine, this essential nutrient is needed so that all of the tissues in the body–including the brain–can properly function. When thiamine enters an organ, it uses the nutrient to create a molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that transports energy within cells. Thiamine is also vital in the processing of carbohydrates which contain the neurotransmitter serotonin which help regulate mood. Additionally, thiamin is renowned for boosting the immune system and it also increases energy, fights stress and improves learning ability.

Folic Acid

Another vital nutrient that is needed by alcoholics in the recovery process is folic acid. Folic acid is also part of the B complex vitamin family, and it is the synthetic form of folate which occurs naturally in food such as spinach, asparagus, broccoli and beets. Folic acid is critical in helping recovering alcoholics maintain healthy red blood cell counts and minimizes that chances of the development of anemia. Folic acid is also an essential nutrient is helping the bowels and intestines absorb nutrients properly. Additionally, folic acid is an essential nutrient that helps minimize memory loss and depression and it is used in the prevention of heart disease and strokes and helps improve cardiovascular health.

Fish Oil

Widely used to help in the treatment of high cholesterol, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, fish oil can also help those recovering from alcoholism regain their physical and mental health. Fish oil has proven to be an essential supplement for recovering alcoholics in the fact that it helps protect brain cells from inflammation,cell death as well as the onset of dementia. Fish oil helps the liver preserve crucial enzymes that are vulnerable to side effects from the effects of alcohol as well as other substances. For those who take fish oil, they need to be sure their diet is high in protein because the amino acids found in proteins are crucial to reviving serotonin levels.

Other Essential Supplements

In addition to those listed above, there are a number of supplements that recovering alcoholics should consider using as part of their nutritional program in recovery. One such example is tyrosine which is a nonessential amino acid that helps promote mental alertness. Tyrosine is typically found in protein-rich foods such as chicken, seafood and tofu. Another essential supplement for recovering alcoholics is tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps produce serotonin which produces a calming effect and also helps people in recovery gain the restful sleep they need in order to optimize body and brain functioning. This essential amino acid can be found in bananas, milk, sunflower seeds and turkey meat. Vitamin C is another important supplement that recovering alcoholics can utilize for its ability to neutralize the toxic effects of alcohol.

Seek Professional Help Before Using Any Supplement

For those who are recovering from alcohol abuse, it is highly advisable to seek professional care before using any type of supplement. While the temptation exists to “self-medicate”, your doctor or other medical professional can perform a comprehensive evaluation to see what crucial vitamins and supplements you body may be missing. While vitamins and amino acids can provide your body the nutrients your diet may lack, taking too much of these supplements can create adverse health effects. If you are looking to incorporate supplements into your diet, it is best to start off with a multivitamin along with a balanced diet and regular exercise program. This combination will help you body slowly boost your serotonin levels and you can start replenishing your body with the nutrients it needs in a gradual way.

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Of all the necessary building blocks that are needed to help you regain your health in recovery, having a healthy and balanced diet is perhaps the most important. To achieve that goal, you need to have the information and resources at hand to make the best-informed choices. Drug Treatment Center Finder offers a wide variety of informative articles and blogs that center on the importance of nutrition in recovery and other related subjects. Make your health No. 1 in your recovery and your life. Call us at 1-855-619-8070 for more information today.

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