The Pro's of Recovery

The Pros of Recovery: Recovery is the Beginning, Not the End

When an individual begins to experiment with substance abuse, it’s common for him or her to become seduced by a lifestyle of overindulgence and excess. Intoxication is appealing because it seems to enhance even the most mundane experiences. Instead of going to work sober, wouldn’t it be better and more fun to go to work while intoxicated?

Especially when the drug of choice is something that doesn’t make a person belligerent when intoxicated, individuals begin indulging in substance abuse more and more frequently while also needing increasingly higher doses in order to achieve the desired effects. However, it seems worthwhile because alcohol allows you to have more fun while many drugs make your body and mind feel good, leading not only to physical dependence but also psychological dependence on the pleasure that intoxication offers.

Most addicts see recovery as being the end. It’s the end of pleasure, the end of fun, and the end of the party. Many addicts see recovery as boring, monotonous, and an inferior way of life. When these same individuals begin resorting to crime and stealing from loved ones in order to sustain an addiction, this lifestyle suddenly seems much less enjoyable.

They realize it’s not longer a choice to live this way, but rather a compulsion. Although recovery begins to look more appealing, it also doesn’t seem feasible or possible. How could an addict, who can’t make it a single day or even more than a few hours without dosing on their substance of choice, ever hope to live a life independent from addiction?

Rather than being the end of please like many addicts opine at the beginning of physical dependency, recovery is actually the beginning. When an addict decides to rehabilitate and regain independence from mind-altering chemical substances, he or she is embarking on a journey to somewhere that is both new and familiar.

Although even addicts have experienced sobriety at some point, many have forgotten what it’s like to live a life free from the throes of active addiction and from the suffering that comes with a substance abuse disorder. Among the countless benefits of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, here are some of the benefits to which addicts can look forward as part of the beginning of the recovery journey.

Mental and Physical Health

Over the course of addiction, an individual’s health inevitably suffers. Since addiction is a chronic brain disease, it profoundly affects the mind, manifesting a variety of symptoms that range from depression and anxiety to paranoia and, depending on the substance, even hallucinations and delirium are not uncommon. Addicts often accept many of these maladies as being a worthwhile trade in exchange for the pleasure of intoxication, but upon entering recovery many individuals find the mind’s sudden ability to experience a variety of intense emotions while being free of the psychological restraints of addiction to be somewhat jarring.

Additionally, addicts’ health not only suffers as a direct result of substance abuse, but many addicts will disregard many of their basic health needs while in active addiction; check-ups at the doctor, dentist appointments, and other routine health maintenance are disregarded because they’re less important that seeking and consuming mind-altering substances. As such, many recovering addicts have conditions that must be treated due to having been ignored for so long, but these individuals tend to feel better, physically and psychologically, as a result of becoming attentive to their routine health needs once again.

Stability and Independence

It comes as no surprise to both addicts and non-addicts that substance abuse becomes an incredibly expensive habit to maintain. Even when an addict’s substance of choice is alcohol—which can be purchased legally in most places—instead of street drugs, addiction will quickly account for the majority of an addict’s income, leaving them unable to pay even the most essential bills. This is why it’s unfortunately become so common for addicts to resort to crime, which they feel has become necessary in order to continue paying for their substance of choice.

When an addict begins recovery, he or she soon realizes that without an addiction to sustain, it’s much easier to keep one’s bills paid and to keep a roof over one’s head. In most instances, recovery becomes the beginning of financial independence and stability while being the end of homelessness and poverty. By regaining stability and independence, individuals eliminate a major cause of stress that could trigger a relapse in the future, which reinforces this new beginning and ensuring longevity in recovery.

Fulfillment in Life

Addiction is a lonely disease. Many addicts destroy relationships and inadvertently sacrifice many passions, hobbies, and interests in the pursuit of continuous intoxication. As such, the life of an addict is typically lonely and very unfulfilling, resulting in feelings of emptiness and even depression. At the beginning of recovery, individuals often experience a flood of emotion after having been suppressed for an extended period of time.

This can be overwhelming at first, but after a period of adjustment—often including a variety of therapies including individual and group counseling sessions—recovering addicts often realize that they’ve regained the potential to feel joy, become passionate about things, have dreams and aspirations, and so on, while being free of the compulsion to abuse mind-altering substances.

Although there are many recovery programs that, due to being based on the spirituality of twelve-step programs, encourage recovering addicts to renew their faith and get in touch with their own spiritual needs. However, even those who aren’t religious can benefit from this aspect of recovery because it helps individuals to find meaning and significance in life.

Additionally, recovery allows addicts to turn over a new leaf in terms of their relationships, affording them the chance to repair relationships that were damaged over the course of active addiction as well as to develop new relationships, especially with other individuals who are in recovery. It’s these and other aspects of recovery that offer recovery addicts fulfillment and the chance to develop and adopt a healthier lifestyle and a new outlook on life.

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