September Is National Recovery Month: DTCF Celebrates Recovery

September officially marks National Recovery Month, and Drug Treatment Center Finder plans to celebrate the recovery community with a new series and updates.

Check back on the website throughout the month to stay updated on featured articles, series, and our weekly News Fix roundup!

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Looking for a Fresh Start?

We are pleased to announce our new September series, Starting Fresh. Throughout this four-part series, we will be honing in on some of the common struggles people in recovery face the moment they exit treatment.

From making amends with family members to finding a career with a criminal background, to fighting the battle of child custody, this series will explore the ins and outs of recovery often overlooked by society.

Find the weekly schedule for Starting Fresh below:

Sept. 8: Part 1. “Starting Fresh: Life After Treatment as an Ex-Offender”

Sept. 15: Part 2. “Starting Fresh: Fighting for Child Custody”

Sept. 22: Part 3. “Starting Fresh: Evaluating a Toxic Friendship”

Sept. 29: Part 4. “Starting Fresh: Making Amends to Rebuild Relationships”

But, wait, there’s still more to come!

DTCF will also promote its feature article throughout the month. Since drugs and addiction have no preference, people from any demographic, race, and gender can become susceptible to the drug culture.

This is why our feature article will examine how meth addiction is affecting Native Americans. A topic often unexplored by mainstream media, this article will present a different angle of drug culture and addiction in the US.

Check back for a link and updates on the article:

Sept. 14: Meth’s Tight Grip on Native American Communities Sparks Fears for Tomorrow

Stay Tuned for National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month is an annual national observance sponsored by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), which educates and spreads awareness about the recovery community and its advocates, including family members, medical professionals, and institutes focused on addiction and treatment.

To keep its readers updated on the latest addiction and drug news, DTCF’s weekly News Fix series, a roundup of news briefs about addiction and drugs, will be regularly updated every Thursday morning at 7 a.m.

Also, don’t forget to click on our site’s latest update in the tab above labeled Withdrawal. This interactive page discusses common drugs, such as heroin, crack, and Xanax, and their common withdrawal symptoms. Family members of those suffering from drug withdrawal can become informed on the common symptoms, a timeline to look out for, and when to seek medical help for withdrawal syndromes.

If you, or a loved one, are suffering from a drug addiction, our specialists are available 24-7 to help assist you with any treatment inquiries. Call 855-619-8070 today to begin a fresh start of recovery.

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