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Stay Sober: 5 Lessons for After-Treatment Success

To stay sober, most people in recovery will have to make a complete life change. During addiction treatment, most clients receive the tools and support they need to overcome their substance abuse and begin a new, healthier lives in recovery. Treatment will helps people become empowered to make positive changes in your life.

Still, there is no definitive manual that exists to teach you how to stay sober. You are unique in your needs and a one-size-fits-all approach will not be effective in the long-run. You may find that the process of staying sober in recovery involves continual periods of trial and error.

There is no doubt that during your recovery, you will make your fair share of mistakes, including the occasional slip-up and maybe even a relapse. While making mistakes during your recovery can fill you with disappointment, those situations can provide teaching moments that will help you strengthen your sobriety.

The following are 5 essential lessons that you can learn in order to stay sober:

Lesson #1: Fill Your Days with Positive Activities

When you are recovering from substance abuse, you are often still battling the addictive side of your personality. Understand that for a long time, your mindset was toxic while you were using. Drug addiction completely ruled your thought processes and significantly impacted your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, but no longer!

As you eventually embrace recovery, you have to be vigilant about your addictive behaviors crossing over to other areas of life. One of the biggest lessons you will learn in recovery is learning to fill your time with healthy hobbies.

You need to find recovery-friendly pursuits that will bolster your overall well-being. Whether it is taking up running or learning a musical instrument, your day should be filled with activities that promote your sobriety and build your confidence.

Lesson #2: Understand Your Triggers to Stay Sober

If you have any amount of clean or sober time, you understand there are triggers everywhere. From work stress to people and places you associate with using, these triggers can eventually wear you down and make you vulnerable to relapse behavior.

Remember the acronym: HALT.

This important acronym stands for “hungry, angry,lonely, and tired.” These four states of mind are most commonly associated with relapse. If you are experiencing these feelings, start utilizing healthy coping skills immediately. Address your triggers and understand why you have them.

Lesson #3: Avoid Complacency at All Costs

Complacency is a common occurrence in recovery. You hit the ground running and implement your recovery plan exactly like you planned. But as time goes on, you may start losing the zeal that kept you motivated. You may even feel that recovery is easy.

While there is nothing wrong with being confident, being complacent in your recovery can be very dangerous. If you are feeling stuck in your sobriety, an important lesson to learn is identifying areas in your recovery plan that made need adjusting to meet the new needs in your life.

Reaching plateaus in recovery is normal, but constantly spinning your wheels in recovery is also a danger sign.

Lesson #4: Be Upfront with Others

In your recovery, it is important to be upfront with others that you no longer drink or do drugs.

Once you start reconnecting with friends, there will be times when they may offer you a drink or a drug. Those situations can be very tense, and the urges to follow through can overtake your mind.

You must be firm in showing family and friends that you are fully committed to staying clean and sober. Any hesitation or waving in that commitment can put you on the slippery slope to relapse.

Lesson #5: Understand That Sobriety Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

The biggest lesson to learn in your recovery is that sobriety doesn’t limit your life. Early in sobriety, you may have the thought that being sober is boring or that you will never have the same fun that you had when you were using drugs and alcohol.

Having this mindset limits your recovery and is a definite red flag that your recovery is already on shaky ground.

The reality is that sobriety provides you with limitless possibilities for fun and growth. Without the shackles of substance abuse controlling what you do, you can explore new areas of interests and hobbies.

In your sobriety, you will discover newfound strengths and relish in the small victories as they come. Ultimately, you will come to find there is nothing that you can’t accomplish.

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