sugar addiction

Sugar Addiction Is Not So Sweet

During the course of the past 10 years, scientists and addiction specialists across the nation have been carefully studying the affects of sugar on the brain after innumerable individuals have come forward claiming that they are addicted to sweets. The results have been somewhat shocking to many. Studies have shown that sugar very likely affects the reward centers of the brain and causes the same highs and withdrawal of illegal drugs.

Several treatment centers have been established throughout the country that are dedicated exclusively to people who are hooked on sugar and need help to quit, including Malibu Vista, a female rehab center in California that handles emotional addictions including addiction to sweets. If you feel powerless over sugar and cannot control your cravings, you may be afflicted with sugar addiction – a serious disease that can have detrimental effects on the sufferer. Here’s how to determine whether or not you are addicted to sugar and in need of professional help.

Are You Suffering From Sugar Addiction?

  • Do you have a difficult time saying no to your favorite goodies?

If someone brings donuts to the office, are you likely to pass them up with little hesitation and snack down on that apple you brought in instead? Or will you guiltily sneak seconds after scanning the room to make sure no one is watching?

  • How intense are your cravings for sweets when you are actively trying to cut down?

Do you cut sugar out of your daily dietary intake for days at a time with little effort, or do you tend to obsess about cupcakes and candy bars when you know you really shouldn’t be eating any junk food at all? If you crave sweets intensely you may have a sugar addiction – experiencing similar mental cravings that drug addicts might undergo when beginning to withdraw.

  • How many times a day do you think about sugary foods?

If you think about sweets more than 4 times a day, you may want to consider the fact that you could be battling a serious sugar addiction. If thoughts of eating sweets consume your thoughts entirely, it is important you seek professional help.

  • Is it difficult for you to stop eating sugary foods once you start?

It isn’t in human nature to stop eating M&M’s after having just one. In fact, eating just one M&M at a time is probably a disorder in itself. But can you stop after just one chocolate chip cookie? What about one piece of cake? If you lose control after beginning to eat sweets and find yourself in a sugar coma 2-dozen donuts later, you may want to think about checking yourself into sugar rehab.

Sugar Addiction Treatment

Sugar addiction, like internet addiction and gambling addiction,  is real. People disregard sugar addiction as a “cop out” or “excuse,”  though scientific evidence continues to prove otherwise. If you believe you may have a sugar addiction, call us at 1-855-619-8070  feel to speak with one of our trained representatives to find out what you can do to get treatment as quickly as possible. Sugar addiction has ruined many lives nationwide – don’t let it ruin yours.