NEWS FIX — Amy Winehouse Group Opens Home for Women in Recovery — Aug. 4, 2016

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Analysis: Opioid-Linked Claims Went Up More Than 3,000% Between 2007-2014

An analysis of the US opioid epidemic and private health insurance claims has found that the number of claims related to opioid dependence rose more than 3,203 percent between 2007 and 2014, the year more people died from drug overdoses in the US than any previous year on record, CNBC reports.

The analysis, conducted by the independent nonprofit FAIR Health, also found that while there was a significant spike in opioid dependence during that seven-year period, actual “opioid abuse rose less sharply, by 317 percent.”

During the period that data were studied, 69 percent of claims for people dependent on opioids came from adults in the 19-35 age group. To read more of the report’s findings, click here.

Excessive Drinking Could Make It Harder to Breathe, Study Says

us-map-7-13People who binge-drink may be putting their lung health at risk, according to a recently published study.

Researchers studying the effects of excessive drinking have reported that overconsumption of alcohol can lower nitric oxide levels, a natural gas produced by the body during respiration that helps it fight off bacterial lung infections.

Study participants were monitored during a five-year period, and researchers noted that the more a person reported drinking, the lower their nitric oxide levels were, which meant they were not as effective in fighting off lung infections.

Wis. Medical Board Issues Opioid Prescription Guidelines

MADISON, Wis. — The Medical Examining Board in Wisconsin, which monitors doctors throughout the state, recently adopted new guidelines for when physicians should prescribe opioids as a treatment for pain. The action comes after Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill earlier in 2016 to give the board the authority to develop the guidelines, which are based on standards from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The newly adopted guidelines urge that doctors seek alternative options for considering opioid therapy and how to write prescriptions for powerful painkillers if it is determined they are needed.

Amy Winehouse Foundation Opens Home for UK Women in Recovery

Amy Winehouse FoundationLONDON — The Amy Winehouse Foundation has announced it will open Amy’s Place, a recovery home in east London that will serve women who are recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, The Guardian reports. Plans for the residential facility were announced on the fifth anniversary of the late singer Amy Winehouse’s death.

The foundation has teamed up with housing provider Centra Care and Support to run the facility, which will offer 12 self-contained apartments to help 16 women reintegrate into society during their lives in recovery. Winehouse died on July 23, 2011, at the age of 27, from accidental alcohol poisoning.

Ky. Men Recovering From Addiction Take Up Gardening Therapy

PADUCAH, Ky. — Men in recovery at a Kentucky addiction treatment center have turned to gardening for therapy outdoors. Jimmy Whittle, who battled an opioid addiction for more than 10 years, told news station WPSD Local 6 that working in the garden teaches him and fellow gardeners about responsibility. The summer growing season yielded so many fruits and vegetables that the center will donate baskets of the produce to a local kitchen that serves meals to the hungry.

Fla. Horse Farm Aims to Help Children Heal From Addiction

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — Horses Healing Hearts is helping children who grew up in a home with addiction find solace as they spend time with horses. The students, who range in age from 6 to 18, spend 40 minutes a week at the farm, getting to spend time alone individually with the horses and participating in projects and other activities. “There’s a lot of trust that’s built between the child and the horse. As they see themselves get better and progress every week, their confidence and self-esteem starts to rise,” Rhonda Fritzshall, the group’s children’s program director, told news station CBS12.

Art and Drug Use: How Are They Connected?

drug-addiction-reactionThe relationship between drugs and artists has existed through the ages, “from peyote and Native Americans to Ancient Egyptians and blue lotus,” writes CNN.

This article looks at artists’ longtime exploration and fascination with mind-altering, mood-enhancing substances, and might offer insight into the intimate relationship between art and drug use.

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