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Basic, Better, and Best Treatment for Addiction: Know the Difference

Finding the best treatment for addiction can be difficult. Drug Treatment Center Finder has the resources to help you find the best drug or alcohol drug rehab to help you toward recovery. To learn more about treatment for addiction, read the article below. 

The development of an addiction robs even the most good-natured and honest individuals of their independence, forcing them to act completely against their own best interests. Over the course of active addiction, individuals often sabotage their careers, lose their financial stability, ruin their relationships, and so on.

Yet, while the effects of addiction are diverse and numerous, recovery is both possible and attainable. Individuals suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction can select and complete addiction treatment programs that specifically address each addict’s needs.

However, many may be unsure of what it is that addiction treatment programs offer, especially with there being so many different types. As such, the following explains what it is that basic, better, and the best addiction treatment programs offer as well as when each can be beneficial for certain individuals.

Basic Treatment for Addiction

Just like other forms of care, addiction treatment can be separated into different levels, ranging from basic-level treatments up to the most luxurious or comprehensive forms of programming. A basic addiction treatment program will typically be an outpatient form of treatment, which means that the individual will continue to live at home while commuting to the facility for each day’s treatments and therapies.

While at the facility, patients can benefit from the safety and comfort of a drug-free, monitored environment that essentially ensures that individuals won’t be tempted to relapse while they are receiving or participating in the program’s offerings.

Since individuals only benefit from the drug-free, supervised environment on certain days, individuals still assume much of the responsibility for maintaining their abstinence while in treatment. As such, most drug treatment centers will perform regular drug screens to ensure compliance with a basic program’s requirements.

Additionally, basic programs may offer some level of detox treatment to those in need, which is particularly beneficial when one is addicted to heroin or opiate painkillers. Though not always required, detox treatment takes place before an individual begins actual counseling and therapy, ensuring that the individual is no longer experiencing withdrawal symptoms and can focus on recovery.

Due to the minimal commitment required for a basic treatment program, this type of treatment is considered optimal for individuals with inflexible work schedules or familial obligations.

Better Treatment for Addiction

As a step up from basic treatment, programs at a mid-level of quality offer several things that the lower-level treatments don’t typically offer as well as most the things they do offer. For example, better treatment programs similarly offer a safe, drug-free environment in which individuals can focus on their recoveries without fear of or temptation to relapse.

Moreover, this level of treatment usually entails a wider variety of treatment and therapeutic offerings compared to basic-level programming, which is often limited to individual counseling, group sessions, and skills-building. Programs at this level also encourage abstinence with regular drug screens. Examples of mid-level programs include intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs (PHP), which are outpatient programs that offer a more inpatient-like treatment intensity with patients attending treatments most days each week for more hours per day.

Another key difference between basic treatment and better treatment is that better treatment programs tend to have more comprehensive detoxification services and treatments. Facilities at this level will have separate accommodations that are designated for use in detoxification, which allows the appointed physicians to focus their care and observation in order to ensure patients’ safety during the detox process.

Additionally, better treatment programs may offer “comfort medications,” which are intended to alleviate some of the discomforts of withdrawal. The types of medications that are often used for this purpose include benzodiazepines and muscle relaxants among others.

Best Treatment for Addiction

Whereas basic and better treatment programs are typically forms of outpatient, the best form of addiction treatment is widely considered to be inpatient programs. The key difference between inpatient and outpatient programs is that inpatient programs require patients to live on-site within the facility for the duration of the program while outpatient programs allow patients to continue living at home while commuting to the facility on their predetermined days.

In an inpatient program, individuals will participate in counseling and psychotherapy, group sessions, and skills-building as in lesser programs, but with a lot more therapeutic variety, including holistic therapies, experiential therapies, and many other complementary or supplemental treatments. The variety of available treatments gives clients the opportunity to customize an inpatient treatment curriculum to their specific preferences and needs, making the recovery process more personal and offering greater chances of actually achieving a long-lasting recovery.

In addition, the best programs and inpatient treatment typically offer case management services, dual-diagnosis support for addicts who suffer from co-occurring or comorbid psychological disorders, frequently employ physicians and treatment professionals who are better qualified or more experienced, and can offer patients more luxurious accommodations.

There are even a number of residential and inpatient facilities that have taken a spa-like approach to recovery and are located in popular vacation destinations, such as in South Florida. Another important feature of the best treatment programs is that they not only offer more comprehensive treatments, but also a more comprehensive treatment plan, which will frequently include planning for each patient’s aftercare and possible arranging for them to stay in a sober living facility after completion of their programs.

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