Wait, Drug Rehab Centers Won’t Keep Me Sober?!

One of the biggest myths about drug rehab centers is that they are responsible for keeping you sober. By this logic, if you go to a treatment center and relapse, it is their fault and not your own. Anyone who fails to stay sober must have gone to a bad treatment center. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Below, we explain what drug rehab centers do.

Setting Realistic Expectations of Drug Rehab

If you take a closer look at the logic of this statement, you can see how flawed it is. No treatment center is able to claim a 100 percent success rate. And few if any drug rehab centers have a zero percent success rate. While there are good and bad treatment centers, it should also be remembered that addiction is an illness. Like any other illness, it’s not up to the hospital to cure you. It’s their job to give you the medicine. You are responsible for using the medicine.

What Drug Rehab Centers Do

If drug rehab centers aren’t responsible for keeping you sober, then what are they responsible for? They are primarily responsible for three things:

  1. Detoxing – First and foremost, it is the responsibility of drug rehab centers to assist you through drug detox. They must medically facilitate your withdrawal from addictive drugs because detoxing on your own can be dangerous. For some drugs such as alcohol detox can be deadly.
  2. Therapy – Secondly, it is the job of treatment centers to provide you with the tools you need to stay sober. This is accomplished through addiction therapy, relapse prevention, and other similar drug addiction services.
  3. Safe & Sober Environment – Last but not least, drug rehab centers have the job of providing a sober environment that is as safe as possible. This means that your life should not be in danger and that the possibility of relapsing while in treatment is minimal.

What Drug Treatment Centers Cannot Do

Now that we know what drug centers do, we know they cannot keep you sober, for that would require taking over your mind and body and forcing you not to get high. This is obviously impossible. The best that rehab can do is give you the tools that will keep you sober. It is your own responsibility to actually use those tools. If you relapse, don’t ask why rehab failed you. Ask:

  • Was I going to meetings?
  • Was I working the steps?
  • Was I staying connected or isolating?
  • Did I stay away from people, places and things?
  • Was I following directions?
  • Was I taking my meds?
  • Was I honest?
  • Was I trying my best?

So, Are Drug Rehab Centers Useless?

No, they are not. Drug rehab centers are the core of recovery. The three main tasks they are responsible for (detox, therapy, and your environment) are things you cannot do on your own. It would be impossible to recover without drug rehabs doing these things for you.

Drug rehab centers are necessary, but on their own they is not sufficient. Addicts need more to recover. Think about it like this: if recovery is a cake, then treatment is the flour. It would be impossible to bake a cake without flour. However, flour on its own is just flour. You need something more in order to recover.

Struggling With Addiction?

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