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What a Rehab Finder Can Do for You?

If you’re looking for quality addiction treatment but feel lost in the search engine’s endless lists of results, a rehab finder like Drug Treatment Center Finder can connect you with the right resources and make recovery closer to a reality.

There are so many rehabilitation programs available, yet why does it seem like so few people are seeking them out? The answer isn’t simple. There are several reasons why someone in active addiction might resist or reject addiction treatment.

For some, it’s the perceived high cost of treatment that’s the biggest inhibitor of recovery. Others simply don’t believe they can kick their addictions. Alternatively, there are some who want to overcome their addictions but find the vast number of rehabs and the various types of programs to be overwhelming.

Before you use a rehab finder to connect with a treatment program that could work for you, take a few minutes to consider what you need and what you want in a treatment program.

Here are some ways a rehab finder like Drug Treatment Center Finder can help you with the first steps of finding a place to begin your recovery:

Provide Information and Answer Your Questions

People have all kinds of assumptions about alcohol and drug addiction treatment. One of the most common is the assumption that addiction treatment is expensive and requires an individual to pay thousands and thousands of dollars upfront in order to enroll in a rehabilitation program.

There’s also a lot of confusion with regard to the different types of programs that are available at drug rehab centers; outpatient, inpatient, and partial-hospitalization aren’t necessarily self-explanatory, and that makes it difficult for individuals to infer which type of program they prefer or from which they would benefit the most.

The first—and arguably the most central—service that a rehab finder can do for someone in need is to answer any questions the individual might have, providing him or her with accurate, understandable information that’s free of any confusing jargon. Rather than simply assuming that recovery is out of reach, individuals can call a rehab finder to get their uncertainties clarified and questions answered; better still, this costs absolutely nothing.

Consider What Kind of Rehab You Are Looking For

Drug treatment and recovery options will not look the same for everyone. Start your search for a quality facility that meets your needs with a rehab finder that that can help you figure out which arrangement works for you or your loved one.

Detox: Drug treatment may start with detoxification, the process of safely removing substances from the body and help users with withdrawal symptoms they may be experiencing. Some facilities require detox before the client can move forward with their recovery plans.

Inpatient Treatment: Rehab that requires clients to stay in a residential facility for a specific period, such as 28 days to 90 days or longer, is called inpatient treatment. This approach is intensive and comprehensive and is typically recommended for people who have been struggling with substance abuse, dependence, and addiction for a long time, including relapse. Inpatient treatment centers provide a full spectrum of support and allows clients to solely focus on improving their health and wellness without distractions and outside influences. Clients also learn life skills and strategies to cope with real-life situations.

To read more on short-term inpatient treatment, click here, and click here to read about long-term residential rehab.

Outpatient Treatment: Clients who wish to continue on with life’s responsibilities but need flexibility in their daily routines may choose an outpatient facility. This kind of treatment allows them to live on their own and attend work or school, but they are required to follow scheduled treatments, checkups and other appointments. It also may be ideal for people who know and have accepted they are in the early stages of their addiction and are looking for guidance on how to recover from the disease. Outpatient services also can include many of the services available for inpatient clients, such as alcohol and drug education, 12-step programs, mental health treatment, and more. Another added benefit is that outpatient programs are a cheaper option to drug treatment.

To read more about outpatient treatment, click here.

Sober Living Home: Aftercare is important in the addiction recovery process. Rehab finders can also help users locate sober living homes after they have completed their drug treatment programs. Sober living homes promote abstinence from alcohol and drug use and encourage their residents to practice what they learned in their rehabilitation programs. These housing arrangements help keep people on the straight and narrow as they put their lives back together. Rehab finder services can also help users find the right facility, whether it’s high-end or luxury or something

Find more information about sober living homes here.

These are just a few of the options that are likely to come up time and again on rehab finder websites.

If you’re still not sure of which option to pick, call Drug Treatment Center Finder, and we will answer questions and provide information around-the-clock, and for free. Providing clarity and understanding is the first service that a rehab finder offers and is an important precursor to other services we provide.

Offer a Nationwide Network of High-Quality Rehabs and Recovery Services

Anyone can use Google or another search engine to find a drug addiction treatment facility. However, what a rehab finder like Drug Treatment Center Finder offers is much more than that.

We’ve compiled more than a list of nationwide drug rehabs; we’ve partnered with and created a recovery network that consists of only the highest quality addiction treatment facilities. It’s important to us that we only include the best facilities in our recovery network because it makes us feel confident in our recommendations.

This is about more than finding a rehab in a desired location. Once we’ve assessed what an individual’s needs and preferences are, we cross-reference those criteria with the rehabs that comprise our recovery network, which also contains important information about each of the facilities in our network.

Not only do we know each facility’s location, but we also know all the programs, treatment modalities, complementary therapies, and other services that they offer. We take pride in our extensive recovery network, which has given us the unique ability to match any individual who is suffering from addiction with rehabs and programs that meet their needs almost perfectly.

In short, we provide recommendations based on which rehab has all the right characteristics and offerings that an individual wants and needs. We offer this level of personalization for free to each person who calls us for an assessment and becomes one of our clients.

Helps You Map Out Your Recovery and Choose The Right Program

In addition to helping each individual to find the right rehab for his or her needs, we also start a conversation with potential clients about the subsequent phases of recovery that follow the initial period of treatment. After helping addicts for many years, we’ve learned that no two individuals have precisely the same needs, and this uniquely manifests, in addition to many other places, when discussing an individual’s background during the initial consultation and assessment.

By asking for an individual’s substance of choice, the length of time spent in addiction, and a few other qualifying questions, we can make recommendations for treatments beyond the initial treatment program.

Some of the additional services that are available in our recovery network include outpatient programs—used to great effect when an individual enters an outpatient program after completing an inpatient program—partial-hospitalization or day treatment, and other forms of aftercare.

The reason why we help individuals with creating their comprehensive treatment plans is so that we can help individuals achieve lasting abstinence rather than merely becoming sober.

Ensure You’re Comfortable and Prepared to Begin Your Recovery Journey

Once an individual’s drug rehab and treatment program have been selected, the only thing that’s left is to ensure that he or she feels comfortable and prepared to begin treatment. We achieve this in a number of ways, one of which is to give individuals an idea of what they need to pack for their period in rehab.

Additionally, we answer any questions one might have about being in rehab, such as explaining some basic etiquette when it comes to living with other patients. Since many individuals will receive detoxification treatment prior to beginning their actually programs, we will quell any fears or reservations an individual might have concerning what the detox experience is like and what to expect.

In short, our goal is to help individuals to prepare—in any way they need—to begin treatment so that they have optimal chances of success.

Drug Treatment Center Finder Is the Best Rehab Finder

Much like the development of an addiction, the journey of recovery doesn’t happen overnight. Addiction is the accumulation of one’s choices and behaviors, and recovery is similarly a cumulative process. However, by ensuring that one’s rehab and treatment program can effectively address his or her needs, he or she will have access to all the tools needed to achieve long-lasting sobriety.

If you or someone you love would like a free consultation, call Drug Treatment Center Finder at 855-619-8070. Our recovery specialists are available anytime to help anyone begin the recovery journey and overcome this deadly disease.