What Makes Luxury Rehabs Different?

The disease of addiction is unique in that it affects individuals in a number of different ways. The physical, psychological, emotional, social, and even spiritual effects of alcohol and drug addiction are diverse and oftentimes profound with each addict manifesting a set of symptoms that may not reoccur in any other individual. For instance, some individuals will experience more of the physical symptoms of chemical dependency, which can include rapid and dramatic change in weight, a marked difference in complexion, and so on.

Other times, individuals will have a behavioral reaction to substance abuse disorders, which can cause social withdrawal, criminal behavior, and a variety of other distinct, developmental changes. Moreover, over the course of active addiction individuals often begin to feel hollow and spiritually unfulfilled, resulting in an increasing hope that continued substance abuse will fill some sort of hole within them.

There are many misconceptions concerning recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. It’s often assumed that like any other task, recovery has a beginning and a point of completion; however, the process of recovery only begins with an addiction treatment program, lasting virtually for the duration of the addict’s life considering one’s ongoing relapse prevention efforts and participation in recovery communities and support groups. As such, it’s difficult to say what the most important component of one’s recovery might be.

Despite its relative shortness, addiction recovery programs are important in that they’re often an individual’s introduction to sobriety, teaching introductory skills and strategies for achieving recovery and sustaining it longer. While the types of programs are much the same at most facilities, the facilities themselves as well as some of the individual treatment offers tend to vary from one addiction recovery center to the next.

In terms of the facilities, there are state-funded rehabs, private rehabs, and even luxury addiction treatment centers where individuals can recover in comfort. The following will help to convey what it is that makes luxury treatment centers unique and what they can offer to individuals who are embarking on the journey of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

What Are Luxury Treatment Centers?

Due to the connection that alcohol and drug addiction has a whole range of devastating medical, legal, relationship, family, and financial problems, it’s important to address the disease directly by receiving effective treatment so that the chemical dependency can be overcome. A rehabilitation center is a medical institution that offers a range of treatments—psychotherapy, counseling, group and family sessions, skills-building, relapse prevention, and so on—that address the individual, specific symptoms and effects of alcohol and drug dependency.

However, while the essential, core treatments tend to remain constant from one program to the next, there are certain variations in the facilities themselves as well as in the supplemental treatments offered that distinguish luxury facilities from others.

Luxury addiction treatment centers tend to seem like vacation resorts compared to standard treatment centers. In terms of the accommodations, luxury rehabs offer far more amenities, typically affording private rooms for each individual with televisions and music players and other modern technology as well as more comfortable, stylish furnishings and decor.

They often offer private bathrooms as well, giving those in recovery much more privacy than is typical of some other facilities where sometimes individuals will have to share a room or bathroom with others. Whereas a standard facility can often have the air of a hospital or otherwise feels very clinical and sterile, more often than not luxury facilities afford a very serene, tranquil, and picturesque locale, sometimes being near the beach, in the mountains, or in other places where one can enjoy a stunning view one normally wouldn’t have from home or at a standard rehab.

There’s also a much smaller patient-to-staff ratio at luxury treatment centers, which allows each individual the benefit of more personalized, round-the-clock and high-quality care in order to ensure that each patient’s needs are met and that each facility resident is as comfortable during the recovery process as possible. It’s also common for luxury rehabs to offer gourmet food prepared by professional chefs.

Treatments Offered at Luxury Rehabs

In addition to psychotherapy, counseling, and the other treatments that form the core of an effective addiction recovery program, luxury facilities offer a variety of supplemental, holistic, and/or alternative treatments that serve a variety of functions, from experimental recovery techniques to offering more of a spa-like experience. In fact, many of the supplemental treatments offered at luxury facilities emphasize personal comfort, relaxation, indulgence, and a sense of pampering oneself, which is why it’s common for these addiction treatment centers to offer things like massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and even on-site luxury accommodations like a saunas, pools, and jacuzzis.

Luxury treatment centers tend to offer a host of supplemental and alternative treatments that tend to be too expensive for standard facilities to offer. This includes things like equine facilitated therapy, a variety of art-focused therapy that helps individuals heal through expression and reflection, adventure therapy, and many other offerings that require access to resources outside the budget of standard treatment centers. While these offerings are essential to recovery, these alternative and supplemental recreational activities and treatments mostly serve to address one’s comfort, making individuals more comfortable over the course of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

The Benefits of Luxury Addiction Treatment

Despite the superficial resemblance to a posh resort, it’s important to remember that even luxury treatment centers are still addiction rehabs that offer many of the same treatments as standard facilities. Choosing a luxury facility over a standard rehab involves determining one’s treatment budget and deciding how important it is to have luxurious amenities, a picturesque locale, and exceptionally comfortable accommodations over the course of one’s treatments. While there are benefits inherent to supplemental treatments like equine and art therapy, essential treatments for overcoming chemical dependency are counseling, psychotherapy, and learning relapse prevention techniques, which form the core of programs offered at standard rehabs as well.

If you or someone you love is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction and would like to learn more about luxury addiction treatments, Drug Treatment Center Finder can help. We have a staff of experienced recovery specialists available to help those in need find the programs that best address their needs, affording them the means of returning to lives of health, sobriety, and fulfillment. A new life is only a phone call away.