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What Florida Drug Rehabs Can Offer You

Florida drug rehabs provide some of the best addiction treatment in the nation and has an active recovery community to help people maintain sobriety. For some, the location of a treatment facility might be a major factor, depending on whether an individual wants to receive treatment close to home or in an environment that’s far removed from where he or she became an addict.

Those with more criteria than others might find the process of selecting the best facility to be daunting or an insurmountable challenge, which is why narrowing one’s search for a treatment program can be instrumentally helpful. As such, the following will detail some of the strengths of Florida drug rehabs and why many individuals in need of rehabilitative treatment would be likely to find an ideal program in Florida.

High Number and Wide Selection of Florida Drug Rehabs

In recent years, Florida has been alternately referred to as the recovery capital of the United States or even the entire world. At a glance, Florida might not seem the conspicuous choice for a place where addiction treatment providers would surely want to open a treatment center. However, current estimates indicate that there are one hundred or more residential addiction treatment centers throughout the state of Florida that offer programming for a duration of 90 days or longer, but when short-term inpatient, outpatient, and transitional living facilities are considered as well, that number easily becomes several hundred.

Many individuals’ addictions are closely linked to where they live, which can be due to their peer groups, substance abuse being especially widespread in their hometown, or due to a number of other reasons. As such, many individuals seek treatment far away from home. Moreover, it’s common for individuals to look for treatment facilities in serene, picturesque locales, especially those that are temperate and in places where one might visit on vacation. Naturally, Florida quickly became a preferred recovery destination, which led to the quickly increasing number of alcohol and drug rehabs that opened in Florida.

Although there are facilities throughout the entire state, areas in southern Florida—such as Delray Beach and the surrounding areas between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach—have a particularly high concentration of recovery facilities from which individuals can choose for their treatments. The benefit of having so many facilities in a relatively limited geographic region is that there is a great variety of programs in Florida, making it more likely for those who are looking for specific types of programming to find what they want or need for an optimal recovery experience.

The Florida Model of Addiction Treatment

With Florida having such a high number of alcohol and drug rehabs, it would naturally follow that many would seem to share a number of characteristics that reflect what many of those seeking treatment in Florida are looking for in a treatment facility.

The Florida model of treatment and recovery, as it’s been frequently called, refers to tendency for recovery via Florida drug rehabs to begin with an intensive residential program and be followed by programs of decreasing intensity with individuals often utilizing transitional living facilities and forms of outpatient treatment.

The purpose of this prolonged period of treatment is to allow individuals a very slow transition back into society, giving them ample time to both achieve sobriety and learn to sustain it. Moreover, due to the extended nature of the rehabilitation process in Florida, it’s become very common for individuals to remain in Florida even after they’ve finished treatment, remaining part of the very large and active recovery community for which Florida is also known.

Prominent Recovery Community and Ongoing Support Programs

Although many attend a Florida treatment center with the intent of returning home after finishing treatment, it’s become very common for individuals to remain in Florida permanently. While some might become smitten with the Florida atmosphere that feels much like a vacation that never ends, the fact that Florida has so many treatment facilities and recovery services means that Florida has an ever-present, active recovery community.

In other words, there are a growing number of individuals who have personally experienced addiction and been through the recovery process and who actively participate in what has become Florida’s recovery subculture. More than just a network of twelve step groups, both individuals in treatment as well as program graduates view participation on the recovery community as being incredibly beneficial to recovery on an individual basis.

As such, it’s very easy for individuals in recovery to establish friendships and develop healthy relationships with others in treatment who are supportive and encouraging of maintaining sobriety. However, there’s more than just an extensive recovery subculture. With there being such a high number of Florida drug rehabs, there are also a number of aftercare services and other programs that are beneficial for those who are at the point of trying to maintain or sustain their sobriety after having completed their rehabilitative programming.

As the recovery community is so strong in Florida, there are plenty of Alcoholics Anonymous groups, other twelve-step derivatives, and even support groups alternative to the twelve-step methodology. In short, Florida offers not only a large number of rehabs with diverse, high-quality programming, but there are a wide variety of support groups, aftercare services, transitional living facilities, and an ever-present recovery subculture that make addiction treatment in Florida the full package.

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