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Why Drug Rehab Centers Need Case Management

Proper case management ensures smooth transition into life after treatment for clients. There’s more to drug treatment than being in rehab for 30 to 90 days. While therapeutic counseling and group sessions will help clients mentally, the practicality of case management will help them maintain structure in their daily lives.

Recovering addicts tend to be apprehensive or anxious about returning to their home routine, afraid of triggers and old, negative relationships. Other clients may not have anything to go back to, whether it’s a lack of a job or a living space.

To help clients transition into daily life after treatment, drug rehab centers will offer individualized case management. Clients can discuss goal plans, financial concerns, and support systems with case managers and start their recovery on the right path.

What Is Case Management?

As defined by the Case Management Society of America (CMSA), case management is “a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive health needs through communication and available resources to promote quality, cost-effective outcomes.”

The philosophy behind case management is to achieve client wellness and functional capability, which means case managers will work closely with each client to reach a good level of autonomy. Case managers will work as a liaison between clients and appropriate service personnel to provide clients the tools and opportunities they need for success.

How Does Case Management Benefit Addiction Treatment?

Case managers will prepare clients for life after treatments. Depending on a client’s situation, case managers can help with the following:

  • Finding a job
  • Finding a new place to live, such as in a halfway house
  • Setting up future doctor appointments
  • Providing transportation to appointments or meetings
  • Locating support group meetings
  • Providing necessary resources and materials
  • Preparing clients for continuing education
  • Getting in contact with legal attorneys
  • Providing letters of recommendation or testimonies for court cases

Remember that case managers are people who want to see their clients succeed. Chances are, if a client has any question or concern about life after treatment, they can ask their case manager for guidance.

Case managers strive to get the resources and contacts necessary for their clients to achieve their goals, whether it’s sticking to a nutrition plan, finishing vocational school, or simply going to AA meetings on a regular basis. They may not be wizards, but they are a great start to being pointed in the right direction.

Why Do Rehabs Need Case Managers?

Case managers monitor clients’ wellness before they are to be released from rehab. If insurance policies allow, case managers may ask for extensions on rehab stays if they feel a certain client needs more time in treatment. This could mean more therapy to get clients in the right head-space for life after treatment or it could mean more group sessions to help clients better understand their addiction.

Not everyone may be able to stay longer than 30 days or want to, which also makes it imperative that case managers prepare each client as best as possible before they check out of rehab. Those who quit unexpectedly do a disservice to themselves and their recovery. Case managers can be the ticket to holding a stable job after rehab, practicing sobriety in a safe support system, and maintaining structure.

In rehab, clients can get used to the strict regimen rehabs provide. Yet, once they’re out of rehab, if they don’t have the disciplined skills to keep to a routine schedule, they can easily fall back into instability or relapse. Case managers work with each client to make sure they’re ready for upcoming challenges and can focus on their recovery.

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